Richard Durand announces 'In Search Of Sunrise 10: Australia'

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After journeying to South Africa and India, Dutch gun Richard Durand has mixed In Search Of Sunrise 10: Australia. This will be the DJ’s third effort at the helm of the series, after inheriting it from his compatriot Tiesto. The compilation is out 21 May 2012, with a marathon world tour set to follow. The first stop of the tour is happening in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on Saturday 19 May, with Durand joined by Simon Patterson, Kyau & Albert and more.

The tracklist is still to be announced, but Durand and Black Hole Recordings are offering a budding DJ the chance to mix the third disc of ‘ISOS classics’. It seems fitting that it should be a DJ from Australia, so head here to find out how to get your name on the cover of In Search Of Sunrise 10. Mixes must be submitted on or before 9 May.

“Australia is for me absolutely one of the most breathtaking countries in the world,” says Durand of the 10th chapter. “It’s for good reason that I tour there twice a year, the land and the people there give me so much positive energy. Part 10 of In Search of Sunrise is my way to honour this beautiful country.”


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JoeMayberry said on the 26th Apr, 2012

Richard Durand does not tour here twice a year


katiecunningham said on the 26th Apr, 2012

Yessss more terrible cover art!!


Makkaaa said on the 26th Apr, 2012

At least the cover art is better than him taking a shit (ISOS8).