Mr. Oizo releases new EP 'Stade 3' for free

Image for Mr. Oizo releases new EP 'Stade 3' for free

Everyone’s favourite acid-tripping, cult film-making Frenchman Mr. Oizo has just released a new EP, the sequentially-titled Stade 3. As if that wasn’t already awesome enough news, Oizo – real name Quentin Dupiex – is letting you download it for free. Guess he had to atone for Handbraekes somehow.

As seems to be the ever-growing trend, the Ed Banger-signee is offering the new EP for free download via his website. Though this being Mr. Oizo, it’s not the usual one-click-download type deal – rather, you’ll have to navigate your way through the Frenchman’s very-amusing and maze-like website to find the download link. “Yeah it’s like a quest!” Dupiex explained on his Twitter. “A shitty quest, but still, a QUEST”. It’s also definitely worth checking out the producer’s Twitter for the constant stream of reactions to the album he’s re-tweeting, including less-positive likes of “STADE 3 ALBUM IS FUCKING SHIT”. But rest assured, the “fucking shit” assessments are well in the minority.

Head to Oizo’s website to find the seven-track EP and check out the trailer for the release, starring Flat Eric and William Fitchner, below.

Stade 3 tracklisting:

1.Stade 3
2.Toodoo (feat. Carmen Castro)
7.Pee Hurts