The inthemix app: now with photos!

Image for The inthemix app: now with photos!

Each year we publish over 1,500 photo galleries from dancefloors and festivals around Australia and we’re excited to announce that we have managed to cram them all into your iPhone so you can now relive your weekend anywhere, any time.

As of this week, event photos and the time-wasting hive of the Snap! galleries will now be available on the inthemix iPhone app. The app also boasts an array of other features, including a robot that scans your iTunes library to deliver you personalised news and reviews based on the music you love. So if you’re looking to kill some time on the train to work, bored at uni or longing for the weekend, whip out your phone and download the app for free from the iTunes store today.

If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t fret – an Android version of the inthemix app is currently in development and will be available for download very soon.