New York legend Francois K returns in winter

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Looking for a way to ease yourself into winter? Well, consider yourself lucky if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, because bona-fide dance music trailblazer Francois K is on his way back. The DJ is dropping in for the weekend to offer up a house education on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June. Having made his name in seminal clubs like Paradise Garage and The Loft, Francois K now presides over Monday nights at Cielo in New York with his Deep Space night. For an insight into how his (very sharp) mind works, read this feature he wrote for inthemix.

The last time the celebrated DJ was here, to usher in 2011, our Sydney reviewer at the Space Ibiza NYD event was floored: “The set really felt like one of those ultra-rare experiences that reminds you why you became interested in dance music in the first place, and re-affirms for you the power of the music to create experiences that you just can’t get anywhere else. Sure, maybe I’m getting a little dramatic here, but that’s how I felt when it had all ended.” Sounds like an experience worth having? Then make a beeline for one of these dancefloors once June rolls around.

François K tour dates:

Saturday 9 June – Goldfish, Sydney
Sunday 10 June [Queen’s B’Day Eve] – Pretty Please, Melbourne

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