Andy Murphy streaming live today

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With the weekend just around the corner, it’s almost time for another edition of Fridays inthemix. This week, we’ve got longtime inthemix favourite Andy Murphy taking the reins.

Besides continually ranking highly in the annual inthemix awards (including taking the #5 position last year), Murphy has toured with Stereosonic, pumped out a steady schedule of national dates and produced work like the recent single Everybody Get Up with DJ Jorj in their project Jam Xpress.

From 4-6pm afternoon, Murphy will be taking his place at the hallowed ITM decks, picking up where previous Fridays inthemix guests like DJ Lord, Lancelot, Martin Buttrich, tINI and Seekae left off. With years of experience as a resident Onelove DJ, Andy Murphy can be counted on to bring a high-energy set and the perfect kick start to the weekend. We’ll be streaming the whole set right here on the site, so be sure to tune in from 4pm.


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SlicyDicer said on the 9th May, 2012

My favourite promoter


SlicyDicer said on the 9th May, 2012

Can you get some decent cunts on like the melbourne deepcast lads or haul or chameleon, not these future / stereo backed cunts.


Erns1991 said on the 10th May, 2012

future classic dj's or simon caldwell or someone good


JackT said on the 11th May, 2012

How was Martin Buttrich, Lancelot, Seekae, etc, 'Future/Stereo backed'?


f_luke said on the 11th May, 2012

JackT: 1 SlicyDicer: 0 (ease up on the language mate)


katrinaleigh said on the 11th May, 2012

Its nice to have some vocal house... Its a nice change...... Looking forward to some party music and future classic Dj's in the next few weeks.


prunejuice69 said on the 11th May, 2012

Good to see A Murphs getting back into some funky house!