"Lazy perfectionists" Knife Party explain EP delay

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If you’re a diehard follower of high-flying production team Knife Party, you probably noted that the date of 6th May has passed…and still no Rage Valley EP. The duo’s follow-up to 100% No Modern Talking has indeed been delayed, so you’ll have to hold out a little longer for your dose of seizure music. With fans flooding Knife Party’s Facebook asking for an update, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen weighed in overnight.

“We’ve missed a couple deadlines on the EP, but we’re delivering the masters on FRIDAY and it will be out shortly after that,” they wrote. “Lateness is due to having lots of shows booked in recently, and also the unfortunate combination of being lazy perfectionists. Putting the final tweaks on everything right now and DESPITE the leaked versions roaming about…the new ones are much, much better ;) Apologies and hold tight – not long now!”

If you’re hankering for a Knife Party fix, look no further than the full hour-long live video from their show at UKF’s 3rd Birthday in London. The set tears through a smattering of the duo’s productions and remixes alongside big-hitters from Nero, Zedd, Wolfgang Gartner and even Metallica’s Seek and Destroy. Rage!