The Presets cameo on 'The Voice', but where's the album?

Image for The Presets cameo on 'The Voice', but where's the album?

Enduring fans of The Presets may have been wondering what the Modular big guns have been doing for the past four years. Well, while they haven’t been releasing a follow-up to 2008’s breakthrough LP Apocolypso, one half of duo has been busy writing pop ditties on Channel Nine’s The Voice.

According to the ever-reliable Daily Telegraph, The Presets’ Julian Hamilton featured on the show earlier this week, buddied-up with “Team Keith” mentor Megan Washington to pen a song for the potential winner. While we’re generally not too concerned with Delta Goodrem’s latest ventures, Hamilton’s cameo does beg that question: where the hell is the next Presets album?

Since Apocolypso came, conquered and went three-times Platinum, there’s been suspiciously little in the way of new material from the pair. While they told inthemix in February of last year that the long-awaited third album was being whittled down from “about 20 songs” and could be expected in the “third-quarter” of 2011, the middle of last year saw them push-back the release…and that’s pretty much the last we’ve heard of it.

Though in a previous interview with inthemix, Kim Moyes explained the pressures of post- Apocolypso over-exposure. “We knew that we were in everyone’s face by the end of Apocalypso,” Moyes discussed. “It got to the point where I would get texts from friends saying ‘can I not see another fucking Presets thing?’. And I appreciate that! I mean, I hate turning on the radio and hearing the shit we do. So we made the conscious decision to just die for a bit…you know? Just rest for a little bit and let everything just naturally relax.”

Hopefully, this The Voice stint is a sign of an impending release – because we’ve already got one Avalanches.