Step aside, brostep: Rusko doing "ambient, minimal techno"

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We can always rely on UK bass-bender Rusko for a curveball, whether it’s in the form of a Deadmau5 rant or a surprise collaboration. Now the DJ-producer has revealed he’s got more in the works than just party-minded dubstep. “I’ve been actually making ambient, minimal techno recently, for the last two months,” Rusko told the Miami New Times. “I’m not telling anybody the name yet. But I’ve made four tracks and I’m definitely going to be coming out with an EP in the summer. The alias is a kind of a play on my real name. That’s all I’m going to say.”

After taking the blame for ‘brostep’, Rusko’s position in interviews of late seems to be that he’s definitely not the guy to go to for “dark, heavy, and aggressive” music you can mosh to. Since relocating to Los Angeles, he’s been touring the US like a fiend, and as he put it to the Miami New Times, “I’m definitely the fairy wings, glowstick guy.”

It’s a statement he echoed in a recent Mixmag feature, where the UK magazine went behind-the-scenes at a Rusko show in Columbus, Ohio. “There was a time when there were bro-ed up dudes in the audience and they wanted to hear the most disgusting distorted heavy metal stuff. That’s just simply not what I do. I just do happiness, vibes and bounciness.”

So, what’s the likelihood of those happy vibes making their way down here before the year is out? Pretty good, we’d say, particularly given Rusko’s last Australian tour was for Good Vibrations in the early days of 2011.