Santigold takes aim at EDM and the industry: “It’s created a dismal landscape for music”

Image for Santigold takes aim at EDM and the industry: “It’s created a dismal landscape for music”

It’s been four long years since Santigold (or Santogold, as she went by back then) released her debut album, so it’s unsurprising that she’d want to come back swinging with her second LP, Master of My Make-Believe. But it seems part of coming back with a splash for Santi White has been to aim some of those figurative punches at dance music, which she’s described as having “created a dismal landscape for music”.

In an interview with, Santigold expressed her distaste for America’s new darling, EDM. “I don’t really like that music, that sort of Euro-dance music, Ibiza-style,” she began. “I’ve never liked it, even when it was kind of new and underground.”

While it’s unclear exactly which genre she’s referring to, Santi goes on to state that artists today typically, “hire one of three producers, one of a couple of songwriters, and you pretty much get the exact same song every time. It’s created a dismal landscape for music, but it’s a sure bottom line for the record company.” But to give credit where it’s due, she does raise a valid point: “It’s shaping the music that we’re getting in a really unfortunate way.”

It’s not the first time this year this year Santigold’s expressed her gripes with today’s music scene. In an interview with Pitchfork in February, she took aim at everyone’s favourite punching bag, the gormless LMFAO. “I watched a music awards show last year and started crying afterwards. I just felt really sad that people go along with stupid wack shit,” she began. “I’m sorry, but LMFAO performed at the Super Bowl? Aren’t they a joke band? That type of shit makes me cry. I’m like, “Really?” Amen, sister.

While she’s also recently posed the question “Why do club bangers have to have stupid lyrics?” in an interview with FasterLouder this month, it seems that rather being limited to the dance side of things, Santi White’s disillusionment extends to the whole industry. “I’m disappointed with the state of music right now, but it’s not really about anybody specific,” she told Pitchfork. “I think there’s a lack of true art, and the fanfare is valued over actual substance.” Food for thought, that.


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Morecowbell said on the 15th May, 2012

She's right, but her comments are nothing we didn't already know.
The Americanisation of dance music is a sad thing. Some speak of it as a positive, as though it's a great gateway into dance music culture for those who wouldn't normally bother with dance music.
In truth, it's probably a primary reason why I'm noticing a proliferation of fuckwits at gigs and club nights who are there simply because they think it's cool, not for the right reasons.

Dexter Ramone

Dexter Ramone said on the 15th May, 2012

You're right. It has been said before, but I'd argue it needs to be said a lot more by high profile artists.


realkirill said on the 15th May, 2012

i agree.... but that dont know whether that rubbish santigold track is better than LMFAO... big mouth big mouth my my my youve said enough... wow thats some deep lyrics


van_tango said on the 15th May, 2012

Santigold is easily one of the most talented pop artists around at the moment and LMFAO are easily one of the biggest musical jokes ever. That said, I hope she isn't taking aim at EDM as a whole, just that rubbish that seems to be coming out of the states a lot.


rdalt13 said on the 15th May, 2012

It seems to me that she was referring to music from pop kids like lmfao, as EDM.
I'm Sorry,

Mr Sleepy

Mr Sleepy said on the 15th May, 2012

sorry, who the fuck is she? never heard of her.. but i kinda agree with some of the things she said.


felixs said on the 15th May, 2012

i believe this is an example of what she's talking about.
very formula based song and has over 25 mil views after 15 days. poor form


ezy1000 said on the 15th May, 2012

completely agree with morecowbell. prime example are the turd nuggets in the cave at chinese laundry for jaytech. clearly had nfi what was going on and were just there to be wasted


katiecunningham said on the 15th May, 2012


Mercury-Drinker said on the 15th May, 2012

Bit rich from Santigold. That Big Mouth song is about as disposable as everything else I'm hearing on the radio waves at the moment.


YossarianIsSane said on the 15th May, 2012

I actually would have classified her music as pretty much exactly what she describes.


sadtraxx1 said on the 15th May, 2012

I love you Santigold, but get off your high horse! since when does music have to be serious and arty.. like there hasn't been joke bands since day dot. for every crap band there's ten great bands springing up, and alternative non-mainstream music is going great guns right now just ask SANTIGOLD. there's so much great electronic music out there it's obscene- maybe if you wanna find it, turn off the superbowl and have a decent look before you paint ALL electronic "Euro-dance music, Ibiza-style" with the LMFAO brush. EDM 4 LIFE YO


Morecowbell said on the 15th May, 2012

ezy1000, I intended on heading to Jaytech for a look but had friends call me and tell me not to bother as the crowd was treating it like a mosh pit. This comes after several floggers started a circle pit at Digitalism on Friday night. Maybe I'm the fool for being surprised, but honestly, go and 'rage' in the U.S, you twats. What ever happened to dancing to dance music?
Luckily Spice saved my weekend (yet again). Why the hell are Americans so blind to Chicago and Detroit?


alistairrrr said on the 16th May, 2012

Lol who the fuck is this bitch??????????


angy said on the 16th May, 2012

Her comments are utter BS, the whole "%u201Chire one of three producers, one of a couple of songwriters, and you pretty much get the exact same song every time" phenomenon existed, long, long before dance music got involved. The pop stuff she's talking about barely has any link with credible 'EDM' anyway.


grapsta said on the 18th May, 2012

shes probably talking about dance infused pop music anyways


tara_185 said on the 18th May, 2012

is this just sour grapes over the whole Diplo thing??