Guy Gerber comes back strong with 16 new tracks on 'Fabric 64'

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Tech-house workhorse and unlikely Diddy collaborator Guy Gerber has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming Fabric volume. The Israeli producer has treated the ‘mix’ as a live set in line with what you’d hear from him in a club, with the 16 tracks all his own studio handiwork. Gerber is of course not the first Fabric recruit to treat his instalment as an artist album-of-sorts: Shackleton, Omar-S, and Ricardo Villalobos all took a similar tact. On his Facebook, Gerber describes the mix as “a collection of moments and 70 minutes inside my mind and heart”.

According to Fabric’s press spiel, this collection of new material was made over the past two months exclusively for the compilation. Fans have been waiting a while for new Guy Gerber gear, and his recent release on Visionquest, The Mirror Game (listen below), suggested he’s in a good place again. A couple of the Fabric 64 inclusions are collaborations with Clarian North from Footprintz, while Deniz Kurtel weighs in on closing number Just Wanna See You Happy.

“I always wanted to make an album that will be one long composition, kind of like what Steve Reich was doing, and this was an opportunity for me to make the effort and actually try to create it,” Gerber continues. “The most important thing to me was to try and create something unique, and to show that sometimes with a change of only one note in the harmony, the whole mood changes. Hopefully I achieved it.” Fabric 64 is set for a late June release.

Fabric 64 tracklist:

1. Guy Gerber – Store-House Consciousness
2. Guy Gerber – The Golden Sun and the Silver Moon
3. Guy Gerber – Shady Triangle
4. Guy Gerber – The Naked Hairdresser
5. Guy Gerber – Ribbons Turn To Chains
6. Guy Gerber – The Rhythm
7. Guy Gerber – A Blade Through My Piano
8. Guy Gerber – One Day in May
9. Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North – Howling Moon
10. Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North – Running Through the Night
11. Guy Gerber feat. Lady Falkor – Lady Falkor
12. Guy Gerber – The Money Shot
13. Guy Gerber – Moon Blur
14. Guy Gerber – My Medicine
15. Guy Gerber – Human Raft
16. Guy Gerber feat. Deniz Kurtel – Just Wanna See You Happy