R.I.P. disco diva Donna Summer

Image for R.I.P. disco diva Donna Summer

“For the last half hour or so I’ve been lying in my bed crying and stunned. Donna Summer RIP.” Those are the (Twitter) words of Chic leader Nile Rodgers following the news overnight that one of disco’s trailblazing figures has died, aged 63. Summer is said to have died after a protracted struggle with cancer.

If you’ve been near a house or disco dancefloor, you’re probably familiar with Summer’s legendary Giorgio Moroder-produced I Feel Love, or one of its many remixed versions. During the 1970s heyday of disco, Summer was the only artist to have three consecutive double-albums go to No. 1: Live and More, Bad Girls and On the Radio. Summer’s sultry vocals on tracks like Love To Love You Baby were her calling card to the charts. Summer released 17 studio albums in total, most recently 2008’s Crayons, but in the 1980s she began to diversify away from disco. Listen to some of her standout hits below, and be prepare to be sucked in further.


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