Listen: Orbital remix competition winners

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Just a few weeks ago, UK legends Orbital blazed through Australia to showcase their new album Wonky – and of course the untouchable collection of classics that came before it. The duo’s live shows were once again roundly raved-about by our reviewers, with the set-list stretching way back to the halcyon days of dance music. Before setting off on the tour, the brothers Hartnoll were given the task of choosing a winner and three runners-up in our New France remix competition. It was a tough brief, but Orbital gradually came back to us with their picks of the bunch.

The winning remix came from Mega Drive Cartridge, the production duo comprised of Porl DeVille (member of Brisbane collectives Zephyr Timbre & My Ninja Lover) and DJ-about-town Kieron C. Part of the prize was a meet-and-greet with the duo backstage.

“We’re still processing the fact that Orbital – our all-time electronica heroes – were chatting with us post-show about music, technology, travel and cigars – then went on to give us props for our remix via Twitter,” Mega Drive Cartridge told inthemix. “It’s absolutely extraordinary. Especially because Kieron and I just kind of knocked the remix together for fun over my all-too-brief holiday break a few weeks ago. It’s all a bit surreal really. Good for our profile and general feeling of relevance though! Mega Drive Cartridge has always been a strictly casual affair, but I think we’ll shift gears now and concentrate on completing more tracks.” You can listen to the winning remix, and the three runners-up, below.

Winner: Orbital – New France (Mega Drive Cartridge remix)

Runner-up: Orbital – New France (m4thlab remix)

Runner-up: Orbital – New France (LoveSpace remix)

Runner-up: Orbital – New France (Ploughmen remix)