Richard Durand announces winter tour

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With In Search Of Sunrise 10: Australia now out, it was only a matter of time before Richard Durand announced his return to these parts. The Dutch trance luminary is gearing up for a marathon world tour and he’s spending just one whirlwind weekend in Australia this July. The last time Durand was down here was for the Godskitchen tour in 2011, and this time he’ll be in the headline spot with more hours to do his thing.

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will see Durand at the controls of four CDJs and effects, journeying through some of the new compilation’s leading tunes and other upfront gear. All this paves the way for his artist album, Richard Durand vs. The World, due in September. In the meantime, Durand has just released a new EP featuring Crashed, a collaboration with scene stalwart Paul Oakenfold, which you can listen to below.

Richard Durand tour dates:

Fri 13 July – Sydney, Home Nightclub
Sat 14 July – Melbourne, Room 680
Sun 15 July – Brisbane, BarSoma