Eclipse2012 festival’s week-long line-up taking shape

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This November in the north of Cairns, campers from all over Australia will gather for Eclipse2012, a marathon seven day festival to celebrate the total solar eclipse. A Total Eclipse of the Sun will occur over Northern Australia early in the morning of 14 November 2012, so what better way to witness it? Eclipse2012 is a meeting of minds between key members involved in Victoria’s Rainbow Serpent Festival, Symbiosis Festival in the U.S. and the UK’s Glade Festival, so there’s sizeable smarts behind it.

The first round of names was recently announced too, with proven acts like Perfect Stranger, D-Nox, Tipper and Atmos. There’s plenty more to come on that front. “We’re looking at minimum of four stages covering trance, techno, broken beats, chill, roots, reggae and gypsy,” says the festival’s Marketing Director Tim Harvey. “The list of both international and Australian acts is simply gigantic. While this first release is somewhat trance heavy, the next few releases will really show how diverse the line-up is going to be and will definitely please the techno fans out there.”

Eclipse2012 stretches from 10-16 November, and there’s much more to delve into at the official website.

Eclipse2012 first round line-up:

Perfect Stranger (Digital Structures, Iboga, Israel)
Atmos (Digital Structures, Sweden)
Tipper (Tipper Music, UK)
Dnox (Sprout Music/Plastic Park, Germany)
Secret Cinema (GEM Records, Netherlands)
Heyoka (Multi Music, USA)
Emok (Iboga, Denmark)
Phony Orphants (Iboga, Denmark)
Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga, Denmark)
Earthling (Neurobiotic Records, Spun Records, Ibiza)
Dickster (Nano, Space Tribe, London)
Wrecked Machines (Spun Records, Brazil)
Protoculture (Nano, South Africa)
Antix (Iboga, Flow, New Zealand)
Pena (Flo Records, Portugal)
Kasey Taylor (Vapour, Portugal)
Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records, Ibiza)
Beauty & The Beat (Tribal Vision, Plastik Park, Denmark)
Shawna (El Cerrito CA)
Danny Corn (Portland, OR)

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