Armin weighs in on calls for ASOT 600 in Australia

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Having only recently wrapped up the A State Of Trance 550 tour, trance don Armin van Buuren isn’t looking at any downtime in the foreseeable future. Down the line from Mexico last week, the Dutchman told inthemix all about his full slate: a rapidly-evolving new album, a summer season at Privilege in Ibiza (he’s playing every week, except on his daughter’s birthday), a string of festivals in the months ahead, and of course his role at the helm of the A State Of Trance empire.

Already the petitions have started from fans hoping that the ASOT 600 celebrations will visit their hometown in 2013, and both Sydney and Melbourne are among the hopefuls. Naturally, we asked Armin if there’s any hope for the tour to make the long haul down here.

“At the moment, nothing’s decided, but I’ll have to give you a bit less hope, actually,” he said (cue the deflated sighs from his Australian followers). “I am a firm believer in not over-exposing myself. I will do less A State Of Trance gigs next year. I’ll tell you why: I think it’s essential that I actually do what I talk about. I always say I want to promote new talent, and with ASOT I am doing that. It’s essential that I reach crowds all over the world and get them to join a global trance family. I want to try new territories every year.”

The DJ admitted the barracking is already heading towards fever pitch. “With the campaigning that’s currently going on, it’s getting really ridiculous already,” he went on. “I have to be really careful with this responsibility to not just promote Armin van Buuren or Armada artists, but see it as a chance to bring trance to new people. It’s not about cashing in on a quick ticket sale. I want to make a statement with that. So to answer your question, I want to go to countries where I know the clubber can get value for money. Given all these festivals around and the ridiculous amounts of money that the promoters ask, this is something I want to work.” Well…he didn’t give a flat-out “no”, did he?

Stay tuned for the full interview on inthemix this week to read Armin’s thoughts on the reaction to his ‘gimmick track’ We Are Here To Make Some Noise and why “DJing is about so much more than playing your own hits”.


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ravelikespastic said on the 28th May, 2012

As much as I love to watch Armin live, after 3 times in a year I dont want to see him in australia again for atleast a year or 2.


cizza said on the 28th May, 2012

Which is why he keeps taking his show to Miami.

Ben Royal

Ben Royal said on the 28th May, 2012

No international artist needs to tour Australia more than once each year.


creaturedreams said on the 28th May, 2012

wasn't very impressed with his stereo set.


kool_kimbo said on the 28th May, 2012

But its the people he brings here on the tour that count. You never get that many trance artists under one roof in Australia.... Kabuki stages just don't cut it.

Devoed if he doesn't bring ASOT here.


Achal said on the 28th May, 2012

Exactly what I was thinking @kool_kimbo. BTW @creaturedreams armins stereo set was always going to be geared to please the crowd that were there for avicii afrojack etc. Armins asot 500 set in sydney was bloody brilliant though.


james223 said on the 28th May, 2012

His set at metro was sick.


thechunk said on the 28th May, 2012

Why not have asot 600 party in say 8-10 places around the world on the same date(the actually 600 episode) and have a variety of international DJ's and Djs he wants to promote playing.
i dont he needs to be at each one personally.


lDesl said on the 28th May, 2012

It seems doubtful though it's not a definite no. So I still have some hope. Although it is admirable that Armin is reaching out to parts of the globe where trance has not traveled to "spread the trance love", it's a certainty that the Brabent Hallen in Den Bosch/Netherlands and the Miamis Ultra Music Festival (USA) will host an ASOT event so in a way he is contradicting. He hosted two events in the USA for 550 why cant he host 1 event in Australia for 600? Australian fans dont care about ticket prices. We just want to hear our music because this part of the world is isolated from trance in comparison to Europe and the USA!


GoodLove said on the 28th May, 2012

i hope his daughter grows up to be a sexy as fuck trance dj


hamishlardi said on the 28th May, 2012

ASOT 600 should eb 6 continents in 6 weeks. SO he does somethign no ther dj has done play in antartica to the penguins


Bombalia said on the 29th May, 2012

Armin at Stereo was awesome! Hopefully he brings the ASOT 600 love down under!!


kool_kimbo said on the 29th May, 2012

Sounds like he is going to do new and different places then before, so the way I read it, he's not coming back to Aus for ASOT 600. Maybe he'll do New Zealand instead? I'd gladly travel across the ditch to go to that


jamwildway said on the 29th May, 2012

When trance music is back in the charts we may start to care.


Flathead_21 said on the 30th May, 2012

He says he wants to "try new territories every year", but watch him do 2 shows in the US again, like he did with 550


kool_kimbo said on the 31st May, 2012

What chart are you talking about? Trance is the most popular form of dance music in the world?

Yeah, well seeing as US is a cash cow, it would be stupid not to...


Riverside said on the 31st May, 2012

I think wait till another album is relased and get Armin to do another ARMIN ONLY!


Jimmy255 said on the 2nd Jun, 2012

He was excellent at ASOT 500 in Syd-a--knee, but Stereo in Sydney left me feeling pretty flat. A few hits, oddly timed breakdowns, just wasn't that whole "journey" he goes on about imo. Hopefully a bit of a break will get the enthusiasm back.


Chemo said on the 8th Jul, 2012

Well. Listening to him, I have an idea: How about a gig with our lovely sheep-loving neighbors? If he wants to visit countries that don't get much trance love ever, why not visit the Kiwis? All the Armin-haters here don't have to moan "Oh no, not him again!" and people like myself (and I'm sure many others) wouldn't mind in the slightest hopping over to Auckland for a weekend. Just a thought but I'm probably dreaming :-)


Jennyover said on the 11th Feb, 2013

We need the ASOT 600 in Sydney and I am sure it will be awesome & amazing