Detroit techno legends immortalised in the Motor City

Image for Detroit techno legends immortalised in the Motor City

Forget the Hollywood Walk Of Fame – it’s frankly much cooler to see iconic names like Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Jeff Mills and Derrick May leaving their permanent hand-prints on the Motor City. The moment in this photo of Mills and May took place as part of the Movement Electronic Music Festival (aka, that festival with the batshit-awesome techno/house line-up), with a celebration held at The Detroit Historical Museum.

The handprints-in-clay will be a feature of the new Detroit Legends Plaza, which will be revealed when the Museum re-opens in September 2012. Also featured in the Legends Plaza are actress/comedian Lily Tomlin, legendary novelist and screenwriter Elmore Leonard and R&B original Martha Reeves. According to Dummy Mag, the occasion was followed by a set from Carl Craig: not a bad kind of public ceremony. The Movement festival this year included all the aforementioned names, plus a strong contingent from Europe as well.

In our Honour Roll interview with Derrick May, he spoke at length about the state-of-affairs in his home city. “If I was to show you pictures of Detroit 30 years ago, compared to pictures of it now, it’s damn near the same city,” he said. “But the population went from 2.2 million people in 1956 to 1.1 million people in 1988 to 700,000 people now. If you look at pictures of the city in the mid-’80s, it looks virtually the same as it does now. We have neighbourhoods that have been completely demolished, no doubt about it. But the energy of the city is pretty much the same.”