Another act leaked from 2012 Parklife line-up?

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Since Fuzzy revealed the dates for its 2012 Parklife tour, there’s been plenty of speculation buzzing around about the incoming line-up. While the official announcement is expected this month, a few potential leaks have showed up around the internet, including the discovery by an ITMer of dates on Modestep’s website. Following on from that was UK MC Labrinth confirming to Cosmopolitan magazine that he’s locked in and bass fiend DJ Fresh posting Parklife to his touring calendar.

In 2011, the Songkick page for Swedish four-piece Little Dragon gave away that they were on the line-up, and now the site has turned up another potential 2012 booking. While Songkick isn’t exactly a water-tight source, the gig listings for Canadian house pairing Art Department includes Parklife.

There is the odd addition of a show in Switzerland between New Zealand and Adelaide, which does raise an eyebrow. Much of Songkick’s listings come from ticketing companies and promoters rather than users, but of course it’s not always accurate. However, Art Department has the Auckland show on its Facebook page, which suggests they will indeed be down this way in spring.

If Parklife is on the Art Department agenda, Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow will certainly be in good practise once they get here. Just looking at the duo’s upcoming tour dates is enough to make you feel fatigued, including stops at festivals like Exit, Bloc, Global Gathering, Ultra Music Festival Poland and Hideout. Art Department was last here over summer for the Crosstown Rebels tour. We can see them working solidly in an afternoon festival slot.


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cheechvda said on the 4th Jun, 2012

Im pretty sure I saw Art Department out here this year for the Crosstown Rebels tour?! They would be very suited to a sunset slot!


Erns1991 said on the 4th Jun, 2012

very hopeful for this


User_259755 said on the 4th Jun, 2012

songkick also show foreign beggars and Dillon Francis to make their way to stereosonic later this year


KatStanford said on the 4th Jun, 2012

Labrinth rocks! Can't wait to get crazy at his set!

special ed

special ed said on the 4th Jun, 2012

i'm pretty sure these "leaks" are deliberate?. its just marketing


shr3dder said on the 4th Jun, 2012

It's an even slower way of drip feeding the lineup then Twitter.


theHordern said on the 4th Jun, 2012

and chairlift are coming yeah? they were great at laneway..


limeicecubes said on the 5th Jun, 2012

Just give us the damn lineup already


nathfabiano said on the 5th Jun, 2012

labyrinth, come in ! keeeen


Weqster said on the 6th Jun, 2012

Looking into my crystal leakball i see alot of aesthetically pleasing hairless men are attending this year.... oh and many french djs!