Cover your ears: Muse go dubstep on new album

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The last time perpetually over-the-stop stadium rockers Muse were in the country, it was off the back of their 2009 release, The Resistance. Given the operatic album proved divisive, it’s little surprise the group would want to mix things up a bit for album number six, and sure enough bassist Chris Wolsternholme warned fans in an interview last year to expect “something radically different” from their next release.

Well, a trailer for the forthcoming LP The 2nd Law, arrived this morning – and it seems that Matt Bellamy and co’s idea for doing some “radically different” was to follow suit with Korn and every other act at the end of their creative tether and go dubstep. After a grandiose build-up of strings and (fake) dramatic newscast footage, a particularly harsh brostep drop hits at about the 1:30 mark.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the entire album is going to be bass-drenched, but it’d be a fair assumption that dubstep has had a big influence over The 2nd Law. You can watch the trailer below – but remember, bad as it may be at least Muse aren’t collaborating with Tiesto again.

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