Jody Wisternoff rises from his Way Out West legacy

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This month, Bristol legend Jody Wisternoff drops his debut solo album Trials We Blaze on Anjunadeep. While many already know him as one half of the legendary Way Out West alongside Nick Warren, responsible for classic albums like Intensify and We Love Machine, Wisternoff told ITM this week it was important he distinguish the new LP from his prestigious past.

“I really didn’t want to go down the experimental and chill out path, as I’d rather do that kind of stuff with Nick Warren for Way Out West. I needed to make sure the two projects keep their individual vibes,” Wisternoff told ITM.

As such, Trails We Blaze was tailored for the dancefloor from the ground up. “The intention from the start was to only write club tracks, stuff I would play out, but still try to make it interesting and musical enough for home listening… it’s an honest expression of my current take on house music, drawing influence from the past whilst looking to the future.”

While Wisternoff has made an impressive name for himself in recent years as both a solo DJ and producer, he says going it alone with tackling the album format still posed its own unique challenges.

“It’s obviously harder in some respects, because you don’t have a partner to bounce ideas off,” he says. “On the flipside, it’s also slightly more of an achievement, and seeing the actual product makes me feel very proud.”


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cizza said on the 8th Jun, 2012

I got this album in the mail on Monday. I've listened to all but the last couple of tracks. I dunno, I guess i was hoping for more WoW style. I dont hate it by any means but much prefer his work with Warren.


james223 said on the 8th Jun, 2012

Cold Drink, Hot Girl (Refix) and Slow Motion are killer tracks :D


DHindahouse said on the 11th Jun, 2012

but if you listen to his podcasts and mixes he doesnt play WoW style music as a solo artist.