Calvin Harris kicked off decks for “not playing hip hop”

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Given the niche he’s carved out as a pop powerhouse, Calvin Harris isn’t the kind of guy you’d expect to be kicked off the decks in Las Vegas. Strange things do happen, though, as a late-night Twitter post from the DJ revealed (see below). In case you’re wondering, Carly Rae Jepsen is a tween-friendly pop singer who surely doesn’t get a whole lot of club play. Harris has since deleted the post, as the club has invited him back for another round. Harris’s booking at Tryst Club in the Wynn hotel is just one of many DJ-headlined events happening around Vegas during ‘EDC Week’, which surrounds the mammoth Electric Daisy Carnival festival out in the desert.

While here for the festival, inthemix attended a pool party at The Cosmopolitan on Thursday night which brought Mark Farina back to the hotel after his run-in with the bottle service crowd at Marquee Day Club. This time ‘round the response was far more positive, with a throng of dancers locked into Farina’s jacking house until midnight. Tonight (Saturday 9 June) at EDC, Harris plays the mainstage alongside Bassnectar, Avicii, Sander van Doorn, Tiesto and Steve Aoki.


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gront said on the 9th Jun, 2012

hahaha after reading this and and the Mark Farina story, all i've got to say is this: anyone who says Vegas is (becoming) the new Ibiza better have a long hard think.


dazza_b said on the 10th Jun, 2012

I don't like the prick but this is bullshit. Vegas can go get farked.


Ncookie said on the 10th Jun, 2012

Come on Calvin 'Call Me Maybe' is an essential.


Quarterpipe said on the 10th Jun, 2012

What do you think? Post your comment...


Quarterpipe said on the 10th Jun, 2012

I was just in Las Vegas stayinng at Encore / Wynn... went to Surrender with Alesso on the Wed night... I have to say that Vegas has embraced EDM in a big way... overall they're treating Tiesto, deadmau5 etc as 'major brands' - alongside the likes of Garth Brooks etc... I didnt see any presence for pop / bands / r-n-b on the same level as the way these DJ's are being presented. Credit to them for smelling the money & giving people what they want (even if they dont quite 'get it' yet) The local news was running "The ravers are back in town" stories on TV News. Obviously thats a bizarre occurrance with Calvin Harris... at least they tried to compensate him in someway. I also have to comment that the punters there are SO into the music - they know all the songs. As far as dance moves- they all do that LMFAO shuffle thing - even the girls in high heels. My tip for getting into these clubs is to stay at the same hotel - you get VIP instant access & can come & go as you please. These clubs are unbelievable - XS cost $100 million apparently - real gold fittings - state of the art sound systems around all points of the pools. I have to say the locals and staff are very friendly - nothing like the kind of rude crap you have to deal with here in typical Sydney night out. Get over there - it's awesome !


Amosse said on the 10th Jun, 2012

Sounds like a terrible crowd.


topcat77 said on the 10th Jun, 2012

If dance music doesn't have a shitty r&b guest singer or 'fully sick' guitar riffs it just won't fly in mainstream America. Oh hang on - not too different in Australia really.

special ed

special ed said on the 10th Jun, 2012

Vegas showed Australia a taste of their 'edm' scene by giving us marquee.
enough said


Morecowbell said on the 10th Jun, 2012

Quarterpipe...come on man. We should 'get over there' to see girls in high-heels shuffling to LMFAO? And because 'everyone knows' top 40 dance music? What a revelation that is.
Your comment encompasses everything that is horrible about the dance scene in the US.

I can't believe I'm even replying to it, to be honest.


lawlietskyy said on the 10th Jun, 2012

Quarterpipes idea of EDM is LMFAO - That right there is enough for me to discredit anything you say, ever.


rubbishtalk said on the 11th Jun, 2012

There's always a level of cheesiness worse... Calvin not playing cheesy enough? What's the world coming to?


Quarterpipe said on the 12th Jun, 2012

Morecowbell & Lawliwhatever... how about commenting when you've actually been there... I caught 3 different DJ's & didnt hear a single LMFAO song played anywhere
Get over there to see the clubs - they are amazing

I just mention the shuffle thing cos I've never seen anyone doing that here

how would you know what my idea of music is ?
"That right there is enough for me to discredit anything you say, ever." lol

Also, I've been to Marquee Las Vegas last year...
I havent been to Sydney Marquee but I doubt it is the same....

There's so much money over there set these venues up - do you really think they would be crap ?


base615 said on the 12th Jun, 2012

I can't think of anything more ridiculous than a club with gold fittings. What happened to dark basements with good sound and sweat dripping off the ceiling?


SlicyDicer said on the 12th Jun, 2012

So vegas is like the ivy then

Warren G

Warren G said on the 12th Jun, 2012

you don't go to a vegas club for the music. when will people learn.


fmcloude said on the 13th Jun, 2012

oh trust me.. i hear that call me maybe song a lot in the clubs. Especially at my work - come 7pm, the song will be playing. leave and come back 12am - the song will still be playing. It's on high rotation. :-(

and yes, not so different here in Australia.


khas said on the 14th Jun, 2012

Quarterpipe - 'I just mention the shuffle thing cos I've never seen anyone doing that here' ... Actually? You've never seen anyone in Sydney shuffle ever? Right.


Quarterpipe said on the 14th Jun, 2012

khas - no i have not. its not a big deal anyway - recap... I was recently in Vegas staying at the same venue & club & thought I would offer my perspective on this story. Frankly, I am baffled / amused at all the negativity on here, latching onto insignificant details or people talking about things without first hand knowledge or experience. I checked the photo gallery of EDC on this site... i thought it looked great... but you guys will probably write it off as "crap" ? typing away in the comfort of the 2nd bedroom in your mum's flat in Harris Park or wherever ...?


AFROwookie said on the 14th Jun, 2012

America can fuck off they wanted him to play hiphip that is the worst genre ever !!! too many nigggers in da club


Oli-G said on the 14th Jun, 2012

Big money just got behind big name dj's because they are cheaper to produce then a band. Yes you have to develop some stupid light show, but the band has to be talented musically (in that they can at least play or sing) where as a big name dj requires no talent absolutely whatsoever. Anyone could do it.

I'd kick Calvin off just cause.


pottle said on the 15th Jun, 2012

Quarterpipe, you're getting so much shit because you don't understand the context of this thread. I'm sure the clubs in Vegas are incredible and astounding in a sheer size and investment point of view. But the majority of people who are reading this article, are because they hate the new scene and don't care for such luxurious clubs. They want good music, regardless of venue. It's the polar opposite of your perspective. I myself like the best of both worlds; I'm happy to go to a table service bar ON A BEACH, in the sun (think Mykonos). I would also happily sit in an over-the-top nightclub, ordering expensive drinks, however come approximately midnight, I would be looking for somewhere a little more fun, i.e. good music, because after all, sitting at a round table with my friends and snickering at middle-classed peasants pretending they have money, can only entertain me for so long. But when I, and the other 'negative' people in this thread, go out to get loose and have fun, the light fittings are the least of our worries. It's what speakers they're using, how well positioned they are. Is the equalizer set to my liking and am I discovering new songs that make me want to get my shazam out even if I am too inebriated to use it.


pottle said on the 15th Jun, 2012

I just spent 10 minutes writing a response to Quarterpipe and I accidentally lost it.. FML


dancetothis said on the 20th Jun, 2012

finally some justice. He should have been kicked off the decks about three years ago for 1) too much cheese 2) pursing his lips while being cheesy and finally 3) failing to play beibers dubstep track...


Menace said on the 6th Dec, 2012

vegas is a place for drunk people, or posers who go to clubs to look good. No one in vegas is actualy seeking good electronic music, if i was as big as Harris i wouldn't even accept a job there, surely he could be playing somewhere else where the people aren't there to show off their $800 shoes and listen to the newest poser track from Flo Rida or some other poser who makes trac ks based on how good they will sell on itunes for tweens. I ask why even play in vegas, surly Calvin is not strapped for cash!


JulesPLees said on the 7th Dec, 2012

I just mention the shuffle thing cos I've never seen anyone doing that here

i too have never seen anyone in melbourne shuffle

melbourne shuffle

melbourne shuffle

melbourne shuffle

melbourne shuffle

- never