Bumblebeez chat about producing Uffie’s new album

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Braidwood-based electronic project Bumblebeez have been pretty quiet since the release of their debut album Prince Umberto & The Sister of Ill back in 2007. To find out what they’ve been up to lately, former ITM Deputy Editor daverh caught up with Chris Colonna – turns out, Bumblebeez have been busy producing Uffie’s next album. Check out the chat below.

You guys released a certified bomb for the season with Summer Bum, is that the first taste of a new Bumblebeez LP?
Thanks! Yeah that was the first taste, the new album is about 90% done and we’ll release it soon. Just mixing it down and adding some flavours here and there at the moment.

It sounds like you had a lot of hands helping you out on that one; Vila, Jono Ma, Zdar and more. What’s the story behind the track and how did you get it all together?
Yeah the track started in Copenhagen at my girlfriend’s house after Harvey sent me this cool loop, then evolved more down in Sicily. Then Vila got on it rapping it out and Zdar mixed it at his place. It was a cool way to make a track!

Summer Bum comes after the Cowboi EP which was a favourite of mine. What went into that release? It seemed almost like a super weird concept record, can you shed some light on it and how you put it together?
Yeah, that was fun – we went out bush with some cowboys, drum machines and moonshine. The rest was history! It was based on the wild web and how I feel it’s the new Wild West: no rules and a lot gold to be found.

You put it out with the Bang Gang guys, what’s your relationship with them like?
Yeah Bang Gang are a great boutique Australian label, paving the way. I have known these guys for donkeys years, it felt right and they get what I want, so was all cool.

You guys have managed to pull in audiences from different genres for so long – dance, hip hop, indie – why do you think that is? Do you have any particular connection with one genre or is it a matter of playing with every sound you can?
Well from day one, BBZ was always going to be a collage of different elements. It’s what we are. I feel connected to rhythm and then everything else is just experimenting and keeping it all in check with pop structures.

You’ve been exercising your production skills recently helping that Vines record that came out last year. What was that experience like? They came to your studio, right? Are you looking to continue that kind of work?
Yeah, produced the latest Vines record. We did a lot in Braidwood then took it to a bigger studio. I’m really happy with that record, I feel it has opened them up for a more crazier next record. I love producing – I’m currently producing the new Uffie record, which we also did a week in Braidwood for. Then we’ll take it overseas to mix and add some more jazz.

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