Knife Party leave Pendulum behind?

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UPDATE: Rob Swire’s Twitter feed makes it clear Pendulum fans shouldn’t hold their breath. “There will be no further Pendulum live shows,” he wrote. “There are no current plans for a new album in 2013.” However, El Hornet will continue to DJ under the Pendulum name.

In a recent interview with triple j’s Linda Marigliano, Rob Swire (one half of ‘seizure music’ specialists Knife Party with Gareth McGrillen) seemed to suggest that they won’t be revisiting their former band Pendulum any time soon, speaking about it in the past tense. While Pendulum was said to be taking a year off, Swire’s comments suggest it’ll likely be longer than that.

“The Knife Party thing is going so well we don’t really feel like going back to junior school anytime soon,” Swire told triple j. “I guess we’d been doing Pendulum for ten years and that’s a pretty long time to be doing anything I guess. We were still playing tracks like Blood Sugar that we made when we were 18 or 19. To still be doing that 10 years later, it just felt like time to do something else.

“I don’t know if we’ve outgrown it because it just evolved into something else in the end. But it was time for something new and the music scene itself had changed. Rock bands are having a pretty hard time at the moment and we weren’t a rock band but with Pendulum we had the band format. We just decided that in 2012 it was time to put that down for a bit.

“The Knife Party thing is going so well we don’t really feel like going back to junior school anytime soon. We’re having too much fun with this project. It’s also great because Pendulum towards the end sort of felt like we were doing it because we had to and that’s never a fun way to do music. Whereas Knife Party is pretty much solely us doing what we want to and if no one likes it we don’t care.”


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Amosse said on the 18th Jun, 2012

Don't understand the hype surrounding Knife Party to be honest.


Prok said on the 18th Jun, 2012

I love Knife Party but I need a new Pendulum album :( Can't we have both...


MitchhctiM said on the 18th Jun, 2012

Such a shame. Whilst Immersion was pretty gash, Hold Your Colour and In Silico were good records.


stuieb said on the 18th Jun, 2012

pretty dissapointing if it is the end for Pendulum as they made such great music as a dance music band. The music made by Pendulum is more layered and varied than the bro-step music of knife party. Knife party is good, but it is no Pendulum


robbz_69 said on the 18th Jun, 2012

knife party suck sooo much dick compared to pendulum... what chumps, hopefully this brostep fad will die off in a years time and they'll realise that DnB is much better use of their talents.


YossarianIsSane said on the 18th Jun, 2012

Obligatory old stuff better than new stuff.


SANDSHREW said on the 18th Jun, 2012



rubbishtalk said on the 18th Jun, 2012

I kinda like the Knife Party stuff in a kinda guilty pleasure sort of way...
But I figure the guys probably realised they could make a crap load more money without towing around a band and a huge production :-)


ravelikespastic said on the 18th Jun, 2012

This is dissapointing, I personally dont like Knife Party but love Pendulum, why!!
This is the shittest news today.


Twizard said on the 19th Jun, 2012

No point doing what you don't enjoy. exactly why I wear adult diapers, fck that weird whole public toilet interacting people have to do. YOLO


pakwayne said on the 20th Jun, 2012

That's disappointing, As much as I enjoy Knife Party, keeping pendulum would've been better.


Shayno89 said on the 20th Jun, 2012

Glad I got to see the show 3 times in last 2 years.. With Stonefest 2010 being the the best by far.. Such a a good experience


KRiSTEEmau5 said on the 21st Jun, 2012

This upsets me. I love them as Pendulum, Pendulum's sound is so unique and was amazing when they actually played live with instruments... They will not have the same effect with Knife Party... Rob Swire has no idea what he is doing! Just hope Knife Party don't have those few great hits and then die in the arse, just like most other producers/groups that are fresh into this style of music... I enjoyed Rob's voice the most and I see no signs of many vocals within Knife Partys music. PISSED!


xsvproject said on the 23rd Jun, 2012

*sigh* well this sucks!


skittle_launcher said on the 23rd Oct, 2012

Ok so your taking a break from Pendulum... but promise you'll come back soon! And when you do come back make sure you put Perth on top of your "Places to Tour" list!