"Darker, harder": The Presets' third album revealed

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Over four years, a lot of speculation and one long delay after the release of Apocalypso, The Presets have finally confirmed that 2012 will see the release of the duo’s third album.

Shortly after the big news that the homegrown sensations will be headlining Parklife later this year, word came that album number three, titled Pacifica, is locked-in for release on September 14 through Modular. Pacifica is set to feature “ten prismatic, synth-laced songs” (their words) and traverses “both light and shade in energy and emotion” (again, their words). In more digestible language, Bang Gang DJs dude Gus Da Hoodrat described the album to triple j last week as “really, awesomely techno”.

Gus explained that he’d been contacted to do a remix for the one of the duo’s new tracks, and confirmed that last week’s mysterious teaser video for Youth in Trouble is indeed the name of Pacifica ’s lead single. “I love it, it’s right my alley,” he began. “But I’m always shocked when I hear stuff that challenges the pack and isn’t really aimed towards radio. When I listen to it I feel like it’s a lot darker, a lot harder and slightly more challenging.”

With Apocalypso having spawned five giant singles, gone triple platinum and secured the duo the honour of the longest ARIA charting Australian single ever with My People sitting pretty for a whopping 75 weeks, Pacifica has a lot to live up to. Reckon it’ll stack up?


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