Martyn: "U.S. dubstep has taken the place of nu-metal"

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Dutch impresario Martyn is a name that carries considerable weight on the international circuit, with a shapeshifting sound that takes in techno, bass music and house. While his hometown is in Eindhoven in The Netherlands, the producer now lives in Washington D.C., and he recently spoke to UK newspaper The Guardian about where his musical mind is at. You can read the full interview here, in which he talks about his ‘dubstep epiphany’ around 2005 and his excursions ever since, however he had a withering assessment about the more aggressive strains of bass music.

“It has very little to do with me,” Martyn quipped when asked about the Stateside definition of dubstep. “Dubstep in the US has taken the place of nu metal. An electronic music rave in America now is like a Limp Bizkit concert 10 years ago. If you listen to a Skrillex set, it’s basically just an orgasmic reaction every three minutes. It has little to do with what dubstep was really all about, which was sort of a meditation on bass. Now it’s like a caricature of that in the US.” We take it he didn’t enjoy the latest Korn record.


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YossarianIsSane said on the 19th Jun, 2012

Hahahahaha 'meditation on bass'. W.T.F. I must have missed the memo describing dubstep's manifesto. Seriously, cry moar. I hate brostep as much as the next chinstroker but to whinge about it being a caricature of a nu-metal concert stinks of butthurt. Let them enjoy their brostep, it doesn't affect you man.


BrettRedArmy said on the 20th Jun, 2012

I always thought 'brostep' was the modern day nu-metal. That's not an insult in my opinion as I love nu-metal and I love dubstep. They're both examples of musical evolution, who cares about preference. Music is and always will be subjective. Listen to what you like.

taylor williams

taylor williams said on the 20th Jun, 2012

Yossarianis Sane - Did you even click the link to the article? He isnt having a go or saying dont listen to it, he was just asked a question and answered it.


Morecowbell said on the 21st Jun, 2012

Uneducated opinions are useless, YossarianIs Sane. Read the article. Martyn has a rich and diverse history across a vast musical spectrum and his honest opinion on the topic probably carries more weight than yours. Cry more, man.


walkdogz said on the 21st Jun, 2012

"meditation on bass" - great way to describe it. Skrillex and co would have to be "murder on bass."


xsvproject said on the 23rd Jun, 2012

Bahaha.. anything dubstep related on ITM is entertaining just for the comments.