Nitin Sawhney takes over Sydney Opera House

Image for Nitin Sawhney takes over Sydney Opera House

In a surprise announcement from the Sydney Opera House, this September sees much-acclaimed innovator Nitin Sawhney bringing his live show to the iconic venue this September. ‘An Evening with Nitin Sawhney’ sees the headliner joined by a troupe that includes players on cello, Bansuri flute, drums, tabla and dholak, with a collection of guest vocalists as well.

Sawhney will be right at home in the standout acoustics of the Opera House Concert Hall, given his deep-running catalogue of electronica, drum & bass, jazz and orchestral music. With nine studio albums and a string of other experiments to his name, Sawhney is also a prolific film composer. As for his DJ side, enthusiasts of the FabricLive series will be well-acquainted with Sawhney’s FabricLive 15, and he’s kept up a long-standing connection with the London club. This is sure to be a one-of-a-kind concert.

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