Chris Lake back for winter 2012 Australian club tour

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Once rightly touted as dance music’s next big thing, since his first Australian tour back in ’06 Chris Lake has secured his status as a production high-flyer. Now with a solid resume to his name, Lake has announced he’s heading back Down Under this August for a winter club tour.

Back for his first visit since 2009, Lake will be hitting Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and even the usually-neglected Darwin for a five-stop run. The tour comes in celebration of the OneLove Mobile Disco 2012 Compilation, mixed by Lake, John Course and Acid Jack and due out towards the end of next month. Of course, that’s not the only iron the multi-genre gun’s got in the fire – 2011 saw him focus on his label Rising Music, putting out Colours alongside Nelski as well as his solo track Secrets in the Dark.

Speaking to inthemix a few years back, Lake explained that his DJing game plan is pretty simple. “I start thinking about my set when I get to the club, and I just figure out what I want to play, and adjust it accordingly – depending on how the crowd reacts,” he began. “I am there to make people dance – and I try my best to make that happen in my own style.”

Chris Lake tour dates:

August 17 – Discovery, Darwin
August 18 – Seven, Melbourne
August 23 – Apple Bar, Adelaide
August 24 – Family, Brisbane
August 25 – Marquee, Sydney


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josh_goods said on the 21st Jun, 2012

marqueeeeeeeeeee? guhh


josh_goods said on the 21st Jun, 2012

LOL hes going to darwin but not perth


RaverSlut said on the 21st Jun, 2012

bye bye to all popular gigs in sydney.. everything is gonna be held at marquee now.. and its soo tough to get in.. fuk sydney..! n fuk you!


cizza said on the 21st Jun, 2012

God dammit. Fuck Marquee seriously. Been wanting to see Chris for a while


justo87 said on the 21st Jun, 2012

Why Marguee? Vast majority of people there wouldnt know/wouldnt even give a fuck who he is anyway... way to get me excited for nothing... poor from...

Ben Royal

Ben Royal said on the 21st Jun, 2012

Excellent news. His closing set in Rod Laver Arena at Winter Sound System a few years back was one of the best closing sets I have ever seen.


mlirosi said on the 21st Jun, 2012

^^ i was thinking about that when i read this article, chis lake must like the australian winter


TomWH said on the 21st Jun, 2012

I heard Chris Lake on Tongy a month or so ago and he's doing a track with Joel Madden of all people.......another one lost to the EDM gold rush?

May explain the marquee venue choice.