Benga brings dubstep back underground (sort of)

Image for Benga brings dubstep back underground (sort of)

If you’re sick of Skrillex, think Justin Beiber’s latest venture is one of the lowest points of electronic musical history and miss the days when dubstep was confined to Big Apple Records, then good news: Benga’s got your back. The dubstep don has announced his plans to bring the divisive genre back to its roots, namely London’s underground. Well, sort of.

Benga has produced a custom-built, 32-minute track created to soundtrack the Gatwick Express: the (partially underground) train trip between London Victoria and Gatwick International Airport. So yeah, that’s ‘underground’ in the most literal sense of the word.

The Gatwick Express have commissioned Benga, alongside a couple of less-noteworthy acts to soundtrack a piece of music that lasts exactly long as the route between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport, and features elements that correspond to various landmarks on the journey. “Musically, it was a challenge,” the Parklife-bound producer explained a promotional video. “I tried to sit there and think about the ups and downs, and the delays that I used are all about trying to make it feel like a journey.”

Those keen on spicing up the journey a bit with some wubbs (and some strings, by the sound of it) will be able to download the trip soundtrack after purchasing a ticket. You can listen to snippets of the ride below, but you’ll have to hop aboard the Gatwick Express to hear the full thing.