Falls Festival 2012 lineup: First announcement

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The Falls Festival has announced the first handful of bands that will be on lineup in Lorne and Marion Bay to help us celebrate surviving the 2012 apocalypse.

While cults of New Age crystal worshipping folk are busy hiding in bunkers eating canned chickpeas, we’ll be dancing around in frog suits and ticker-tape with The Flaming Lips to bring in the New Year. If Wayne Coyne and his Fearless Freaks aren’t news enough, they’ll be joined by Beach House, Best Coast and SBTRKT for what is no doubt going to be one hell of a party.

Perth will also be getting a piece of the action with all these bands heading over West for Southbound Festival. The festival is celebrating its twenty-year anniversary in Lorne and tenth anniversary in Tasmania and will be releasing the 80 artist strong lineup in a drip-feed bundling smaller artists with some of the bigger name bands to try to draw attention to the whole line-up rather than one or two headliners.

The promoters have also revealed that they’ll be announcing lineup as it’s booked and that only about a quarter of the final lineup have been locked in so far.

Falls Festival and Soutbound 2012 first lineup:

The Flaming Lips
Beach House
Best Coast
The Vaccines
Boy and Bear
Sampology Presents a Falls Anniversary AV Show

Falls Festival:

December 28th – January 1st, Lorne
December29th – January 1st, Marion Bay



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SANDSHREW said on the 3rd Jul, 2012



cheechvda said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

Coolio? One song set?


theHordern said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

the flaming lips, beach house and the vaccines? very VERY interesting..


jamwildway said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

Coolio, Flaming Lips and Sampology. Not a bad start.


Conor- said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

Very hipster, as always, but diverse.


rubbishtalk said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

I'd pay the money to see Coolio just so I can say to my kids one day that I saw him live :-)
But Sbtrkt back is good news... let's hope they are doing show in Sydney because I can't afford to get down to Falls this year...


Twizard said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

Never seen the flaming lips, maybe if I win the lottery I can.


Hasaparty said on the 4th Jul, 2012

cheechvda , seeing as Coolio had at least 5 hit singles i can think of off the top of my head i am sure it would be a pretty cool show if he can still pull it together


sounds_echoed said on the 8th Jul, 2012

they just want a taste of the "electronic dance music" throwing in SBTRKT into the mix. lawl