Four Tet announces new album 'Pink'

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Best news, everyone: reigning lord of the slow-burner Four Tet has announced that we can expect his next album as soon as August 20, set for digital release through Kieran Hebden’s own label Text. The UK maestro made the announcement via Twitter last night, revealing that the incoming release – his first album since 2010’s There is Love in You – is eight tracks long and titled Pink.

The keen Four Tet fan might notice that the tracklisting is made up of not-entirely-new tracks – that’s because Pink is a collection of vinyl singles that have been released over the course of the past year. “It’s more about collecting the vinyl stuff together for the digital people,” Hebden tweeted. “New tracks are over 20mins though!” The new tracks are Lion and Peace for Earth respectively, neither of which have yet had a vinyl release. Meanwhile, singles Jupiters and Ocoras came out this May, while 128 Harps was first heard this June.

While Pink will be the first Four Tet album in over two years, Hebden’s had no shortage of (entirely first-rate) new material recently. Last year, the London producer did his bit for the lauded Fabric series, while March of this year saw Hebden team up again with Burial for Nova and in April, he gave us the 45-minute mix Conference of the Birds. Check out the Pink tracklisting and have a listen to Ocoras and 128 Harps below.

Four Tet – ‘Pink’ tracklisting:

1. Locked (8:30)
2. Lion (9:01)
3. Jupiters (5:48)
4. Ocoras (5:24)
5. 128 Harps (4:52)
6. Pyramid (8:27)
7. Peace for Earth (11:23)
8. Pinnacles (8:21)

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