Lil’ Louis brings house history to Australia

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When it comes to Australian tour coups, convincing Lil Louis to get down here would surely rank high. The Chicago innovator is set to play Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide this month, bringing his house gravitas to these parts for the first time ever. Having given dancefloors a classic run of records including French Kiss, I Called You and Blackout, he remains one of electronic music’s foremost figures, recently headlining one of the nights at Detroit’s Movement Festival. Having started DJing at the age of 12 in the Windy City, it goes without saying that he’s got one of the deepest record boxes around.

“I started discovering clubs in 1974,” he told Fabric in 2011. “I started DJing in summer of that year, and by the end of the year, a few people liked what I was playing and hired me. In the ‘70s, it was tough. Every DJ back then was told what to play. And for some reason, I already though I was a star, so subsequently, I got a lot of bottles thrown at me, and subsequently fired from every club I played. But it was fun, changing the culture.”

In Sydney, the headliner is playing an intimate Boom Boom event in a ‘CBD sky rise location’ that’s being used for the first time in over five years. Hometown hero Simon Caldwell is on the warm-up. In Melbourne, he plays Inside Out at New Guernica, with Andee Frost and Otologic in support. Adelaide details are TBC.

Lil’ Louis tour dates:

Friday 20 July – Inside Out @ New Guernica, Melbourne
Saturday 21 July – Boom Boom @ Undisclosed CBD High Rise, Sydney

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