Avicii’s team wants us all to move on from ‘Levels’

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If you’ve laid your eyes on the extensive Stereosonic line-up today, you would’ve seen Swedish dynamo Avicii right at the top with Tiesto, Calvin Harris and Example. The DJ was part of the festival tour in 2011, and his sets pulled huge numbers to the mainstage – with the biggest moment coming when he worked his blockbuster hit Levels into the mix. Since that visit, he’s continued to jet around the world, recreating that feverish energy on vast stages like Coachella and Ultra Music Festival.

After all those airings of the stadium anthem though (not to mention its flogging by other big-ticket DJs), Avicii’s team At Night Management has issued a video declaring: “ENOUGH WITH LEVELS ALREADY!!!” The post comes with a 71-strong list of the producer’s other efforts, including his remixes of Little Boots, Tiesto, Dada Life, Dirty South and Armin van Buuren. The video loops Levels over footage of the Jay-Z and Kanye West show where the duo played their hit Niggas In Paris a world-record-breaking 12 times in a row, followed by the message: “You know there are other Avicii tracks, right?” Despite the tongue-in-cheek campaign, we doubt the track’s dance festival ubiquity is fading any time soon.

Looking at the list of his productions, it’s clear Avicii has crammed a lot of work into a few years. The Muja EP on Vicious Grooves back in 2009 heralded his arrival as a talent to watch, with Malo, Bom and the Sebastien Drums collaboration My Feelings For You kicking it up a notch. “I would say really, before I got into DJing I was a producer first, so I would say the DJing aspect of it is the thing that I feel that I’ve really learned,” he told inthemix back in 2011. So, will Levels get a whirl at Stereosonic?



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Ben Royal

Ben Royal said on the 5th Jul, 2012

Of course it will. Even in his 55 minute UMF closing set he managed an 8 minute extended version of it. If he doesn't like it he doesn't have to play it. I loved it 12 months ago but am sick to death of it now!


khas said on the 5th Jul, 2012

Not the first time Avicii's mgmt have spoken retarded shit for him


SeanFromSydney said on the 5th Jul, 2012

@-@ remix of levels needs to get dropped at Steroidsonic 2012 imo.


josh_goods said on the 5th Jul, 2012

his best stuff was before all that... one step forward, electric masturbation, lazy loop, refer, dukkha, the birth, alcoholic, record breaker, lipstick (only one of which made it onto his video)
so even when he tries, he still sullies his own name (Y)


jamwildway said on the 5th Jul, 2012

Wicked song, the ladies still love it


james223 said on the 5th Jul, 2012

Thats what you get when you dish out generic one hit wonder tunes. It was popular last year and a good festival track but its been killed and played so much its dead.


daverh said on the 5th Jul, 2012

Glad I got out of the game before Avicii became a legit 'thing'.


mlirosi said on the 5th Jul, 2012

i liked that time when avicii dropped levels...i put my hands in the air and partied


khas said on the 5th Jul, 2012



GoodLove said on the 5th Jul, 2012

lol @ daverh retiring, you've got levels on repeat on your ipod when using the elliptical, don't lie


coletrain10 said on the 5th Jul, 2012

need to play levels in reverse wow thats so good!


SANDSLASH said on the 6th Jul, 2012



daleloughhead said on the 6th Jul, 2012

Its an anthem...enough said. No matter where/when it gets played, there aren't many people who hate it, even though it has effectively gone mainstream!!


Dante said on the 9th Jul, 2012

...hang on a second. Wasn't his huge stadium tour pretty much entirely based off the success of that one track?

Duncan Jake

Duncan Jake said on the 11th Jul, 2012

they should all stfu. "Levels" made him/them so much money - and is pretty much the reason why he gets paid so much to play. If any of the tunes were as good (or catchy), then that's what people would be playing, and that's what people would be asking for. They seem to be bitter about him becoming a one-trick pony. That's also what happens when your music appeals to short-sighted ravers.


Wowk said on the 11th Jul, 2012

The thing is, "Levels" is the track that made him extremely popular, and I would say the ONLY track 90% of the people who go to see him play actually want to hear anyway. If he distances himself from that track and refuses to play it, he is going to disappear into relative obscurity once again because nobody cares about anything else he has written. It's a case of "Levels or GTFO".