"No more Kings Cross venues": Clamp-down for Sydney's club district

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The death of 18-year-old Thomas Kelly after an unprovoked attack in Kings Cross over the weekend has led to calls for venues in the Sydney nightlife hub to be scaled back. Debate began this week, after the teen – who was walking through the Cross at 10pm on Saturday night when he was punched and knocked out by an unknown assailant – died on Monday night, following severe head injuries sustained from the blow.

As anyone who’s lived through similar previous media panics would recall, the issue of violence in Kings Cross is nothing new – but the weekend’s attack has reignited debate over how to improve the safety of the precinct at night. For Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, the answer lies in reducing the number of venues operating in the Cross. “We need to be able to say no more venues in this area and scale back the existing ones,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

While June saw the state government extend for six months a freeze on new liquor licenses in Kings Cross, Oxford St and the southern CBD – effectively prohibiting the opening of any new venues – the Lord Mayor has said that more needs to be done. She’s advocated a permit system like that of New York or Paris, where venues need to renew their liquor license every year or two rather than granting them indefinitely.

It’s a sentiment being echoed by a number of other Sydney identities. Kings Cross business group chairman Adrian Bartels agreed that there are too many licensed venues in the Cross, but that management of the area should be just part of an overall plan to better manage the area. “We need to be looking to Berlin, Paris and London for ideas,” he told the ABC. At this stage, it’s unclear what exactly the debate over the Cross – especially propositions to scale back existing venues – will spell for the future of clubs in the area.



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Ruskhouse said on the 12th Jul, 2012

%u201CWe need to be looking to Berlin, Paris and London for ideas,%u201D

that should be the mindset FOR THE STANDARD OF VENUES IN KINGS CROSS.


seipy said on the 12th Jul, 2012

im confused on how having too many bars on kings cross is the reason for so many assaults. Does the council and goverment even think?


Bombalia said on the 12th Jul, 2012

Sydney venues are just a scape goat. It was 10pm. It wasn't 4am.


macca78910 said on the 12th Jul, 2012

What a joke.
They'll just go somewhere else.. Probably somewhere with less CCTV and lighting so they don't get seen/caught next time they kill someone.

There is underlying issues with these people. Cover up solutions won't work. The mentality needs to change.
I'm sure there's people out there being paid millions of dollars who's responsibility it is to solve these problems.


sonicc said on the 12th Jul, 2012

Whats the reason then?? I am interested to know?


Wouldz said on the 12th Jul, 2012

@selpy It's so they can coordinate police presence better. If the number of venues is consolidated then the police can plan and respond better.


BobRifo said on the 12th Jul, 2012

better use of police resources would be a start


Heist9000 said on the 12th Jul, 2012

Less venues = More crowding = More violence = More derp


jamwildway said on the 12th Jul, 2012

What a joke, what about all the people who make a living in these venues???


james223 said on the 12th Jul, 2012

Transport and cabs in the cross is basically non existent after a certain hour. They should fix that shit up.


kone said on the 12th Jul, 2012

put the venues somewhere else, the cross is filth anyway


daverh said on the 12th Jul, 2012

Kings Cross is a turgid wasteland barely worth preserving.


zsmiles said on the 12th Jul, 2012

They should raise the legal drinking age to 19, then no more 18 year old's would be assault in the cross! PROBLEM..... solvvvveeeeee

Mike Blades

Mike Blades said on the 12th Jul, 2012

So lets take this stupidity one step further......Someone dies of obesity, so lets make ALL fast food stores in the area stop selling burgers. No....no fucking way.
How about they implement tougher penalties for those muppets who decide to fight......it was 10pm on a saturday night.....1 idiot threw the punch...so the other 3000-5000 people in the area must be punished and venues closed earlier.....that logic does not fit.......STOP BLAMING THE CLUBS AND GOOD CLUB GOERS AND START BLAMING THE FUCKWITS WHO GO OUT TO FIGHT


Chillin said on the 12th Jul, 2012

Reminds me of when they introduced the lock out, so instead of having the aggressive dickheads inside under the scrutiny of bouncers, and being monitored on cctv, they were on the street instead unsupervised where they'd start shit at the drop of a hat.


SANDSHREW said on the 12th Jul, 2012



baines said on the 13th Jul, 2012

yeah there really should be tougher punishment on the fuck wits that that do that sort of shit. The person responsible should be made an example of.


Digitalgrub said on the 14th Jul, 2012

This isn't an issue of venues, it's an issue of a messed-up culture where guys think they have to 'start some shit' to assert their masculinity. The same stuff happens no matter where that crowd goes.