Strawberry Fields line-up gets better with Tycho & James Holden

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Earlier this week, inthemix revealed a good-looking first round of names for Strawberry Fields festival, including Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Teebs and Stephan Bodzin. Now the team has gone and added some more incentive to go bush this November: U.K. maestro James Holden playing a special Border Community anniversary set (yes, excellent) and Ghostly International recruit Tycho, performing his intricate, ambient electronica with a full live band. If the additions keep snowballing at this rate, we’re going to have a very serious line-up very soon.

The last time Holden made it here was in 2010, when he played some typically wide-ranging DJ sets. Around that time, he was also touring around the U.K. with Caribou, Four Tet and Nathan Fake – not a bad bunch at all. “I’ve been busy,” he told the Miami New Times last September, before getting all Holden on them. “I had my 40 days and nights in the desert thing going on for a while – locked up working out the axioms and limits of a new sound. Next year, there will be a record from me. I’m already proud of myself and I haven’t even finished.”

We like to think the video below of Holden doing his thing at Awakenings 2011 pretty accurately sums up why we should be excited for an open-air set at Strawberry Fields. Then of course there’s the Border Community retrospective angle. The label has brought us music from Extrawelt, Fairmont, Petter, Luke Abbott, Kate Wax and Avus to cherry-pick just a few.

“Tycho’s tracks are built primarily with synths and sampled live instrumentation, and his electro-organic approach brings to mind leaders in this field like Boards of Canada and Bibio,” wrote Pitchfork of Dive, the 2011 album from Tycho. It’s sure to sound pretty special in the depths of the Victorian bush, too. The three-day camping festival stretches across the weekend of 23 to 25 November. Lock it in.

Strawberry Fields line-up so far:

James Holden [Border Community/UK] – Special 15 Year Border Community Anniversary Set
Tycho [Ghostly International / USA] – Full Live Band
Teebs [Brainfeeder/USA]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse [Musik Gewinnt Freunde/Ger]
Stephan Bodzin [Herzblute/Ger]
Neelix [Spin Twist/Ger]
Emok [Iboga/Den]
Phony Orphants [Iboga/Den]
Boris Brejcha [Harthouse/Ger]
Tristan [Nano/UK]
Prefuse 73 [Warp Records/USA]
Khainz [Echoes Records/Swi]


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Heist9000 said on the 12th Jul, 2012

That looks off it's tits... Hope it's not at exam time


tben said on the 12th Jul, 2012

officially the first weekend after all Victorian exams ;)

Matthew de Groot

Matthew de Groot said on the 12th Jul, 2012

What kind of shitty deck is that?


wstrvlt said on the 12th Jul, 2012

Fingers crossed for a Sydney Holden sideshow.


qoop said on the 14th Jul, 2012

maybe there won't be a Sydney show.

so, just save $25 per week, for the next 18 weeks
and you will end up with $450 (approx. $110 for tickets and $340 left for transport, food, etc.)

it will be worth going to and you'd always wonder why you never went.

the only thing to worry about is the weather....but that would affect everyone too.

so, just wait for the full line-up and decide, but by then, the early-bird tickets sell out too.


tben said on the 15th Jul, 2012

This being the year of the Dragon, we have decided to open up a limited release of super special $88 early birds - get in while the getting in good! Tickets available via:


GabberYo said on the 15th Aug, 2012

Tycho is shit, just a poor mans BoC. Hope Holden gets a side show YOYOYO