Gareth Emery vs. Global Gathering UK

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With just three weeks to go until famed weekender Global Gathering kicks off in the English countryside, there’s been a contentious change to the line-up that highlights the behind-the-scenes wranglings of the dance business. In the announcement that inthemix published back in March, trance gun Gareth Emery is second-billed on the Godskitchen stage under Above & Beyond, but on some U.K. ads his name has been third-billed. As you might guess, the politics of line-up ordering can be fraught. Emery’s management finally decided to pull the DJ off the line-up after a scrappy back-and-forth between both parties.

According to a Facebook post, it turns out Emery himself is as perplexed as his fans by the decision. “I’m gutted not to play, to let people down, but I’m especially upset reading so many people suggesting this was my choice, about my ego or money,” he wrote. “You could not be more wrong. When I read Global’s statement from my hotel room here in Vegas, I was as shocked as anyone else reading it, and obviously, the first thing I did was call my management to find out what the fuck had happened because cancelling a festival over a flyer sounds as ridiculous to me as it does to anyone else. However after speaking with them, I can say there really are two sides to this story.” You can read Emery’s whole post at his Facebook for the details of both sides to the story.

From Global Gathering’s perspective, stated here, Emery’s management wouldn’t accept the festival’s attempts to “easily iron out the small issue”. They add: “We would also like to further point out that the same billing issue was also true of Ferry Corsten’s management, who have acted completely professionally throughout this problem and have offered up solutions in the interest of his fans.”

So if you’re making the trip to the U.K. for the gargantuan festival, you’ll have to make do without Emery. “This is the only cancellation like this to ever occur in my entire career, and we are all to blame,” the DJ adds in his post. “Were my management unnecessarily aggressive and hasty to cancel? Yeah probably. However, they had been lied to by Global who initially gave then any bullshit story they could rather than admit they had made a mistake.”


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khas said on the 13th Jul, 2012

Probably would've dropped Concrete Angel 7 times in the set anyway


josh_goods said on the 13th Jul, 2012

its just so hard to understand, sitting here, in my hotel room in Vegas


slinky87 said on the 13th Jul, 2012

You forgot to mention that he also said next time he is in the area doing a show, everyone with a GG ticket will get in free. Seems like a pretty good dude.


SeanFromSydney said on the 13th Jul, 2012

since a lot of people wont click..he signed off that facebook post with
"As it seems we're past the point of no return, let's do this - next time we do a Garuda show in the UK, anyone with a Global ticket can get in for free. This isn't about the money or ego - it's about you guys, and the fact that it's you who are missing out because two companies chose to play power games is the worst thing about all this. I'll do my best to make it up to you.

Sincerely gutted :(



Hdb2 said on the 13th Jul, 2012

@ SLinky .. selective journalism!


i_have_ADD said on the 13th Jul, 2012

i'd hate to be the promoter of any of his upcoming UK shows if there's an open invitation for free entry to anyone who went to global gathering. doesn't the festival get like 100k plus people attending?


Jazpah said on the 13th Jul, 2012

Emery is a very down to earth artist. Stuff happen's, get over it!


DTrancer said on the 14th Jul, 2012

@khas: dont you mean the saga?


sounds_echoed said on the 14th Jul, 2012

@i_have_ADD there may be well over 100k people attending GG but not all of them are trance fans so it's not really like that... plus lot of GG fans come from overseas so you're not going to get fans going back to the UK at a later date just for 1 club night to get free entry.

I don't know the first thing about trance but seems like Gareth is trying to make things right even though he may have been to some extent behind him not playing in the 1st place. Sure he blames it on his management but management would've consulted with him surely before making a decision like that, or he could've told management to contact GG and put him on the bill regardless of what position but the decision not to play at all means Gareth isn't being too honest with himself there.