Camping at Defqon.1: the hard dance 'mini-vacation'

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Back when inthemix announced the heavy-hitting line-up for the Australian edition of Defqon.1, you might’ve missed the new-improved extended camping experience in 2012. The Silent Disco has been scrapped from the camping pre-party and replaced with an Open-Air Stage complete with powerful sound-system. Some of the line-up’s biggest hardstyle stars will be headlining the pre-party on Friday 14 September, so you can be primed and ready for the main event. The line-up includes Frontliner, Psyko Punkz, Code Black, XDream and Kamikaze.

There’s more on offer, too: on-site shuffling tutorials from Dexi & The Newcastle Rockers, a ‘learn to DJ’ workshop led by veteran hard dance DJ Nik Fish, fire and poi twirling classes, an international food market, arcade alley and much more. Saturday 15 September sees the Defqon.1 spectacular take over the Regatta Centre, and you’ve got till 11am on Sunday to make a move from the campsite. There’s the option to bring your own camping gear or tepee packages to save you the time and hassle of setting up your own tent. The Basic Camper package works out at $50 per person, per night, so head here to find out more about turning Defqon.1 into a ‘mini-vacation’.

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