Bloody Beetroots announce "Australia: we're coming for you"

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Italian electro renegades the Bloody Beetroots are no strangers to Australia, having blazed through our festival seasons in DJ mode and with the Death Crew 77 live band. It looks like we won’t be waiting long for a return, either, if a Facebook update by Beetroots mastermind Bob Cornelius Rifo is anything to go by. “Australia. A second home at times,” he wrote. “Which is why I’m coming for you. Sleep with one eye open, more news next week…Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo.”

The last time we saw the guys here was on the mainstage at Stereosonic, with the masked pair bringing back the DJ act that made their name. The two visits before that – for Creamfields and Big Day Out – saw the full live set-up with guitars, drums and keys, channelling both raw electro and punk. 2012 is shaping up to be a big year for Rifo and co. Following the Church Of Noise remixes last year, featuring the voice of Refused frontman Dennis Lyxen, the recent Rocksteady single is unadulterated Bloody Beetroots. The Northern summer ahead sees the group hard at it on the touring circuit, test-driving some new material. Whatever Bob Cornelius Rifo has planned for Australia, it’s sure to be raucous.

“The Bloody Beetroots project has always been pleasantly controversial; it varies in genres like a ship in a stormy sea,” Rifo recently mused in an interview. “I love chaos and I’m comfortable with it. I always expect the unexpected and I like it. Punk is part of my history and now more than ever I identify that adjective with a way of thinking. I chose EDM ‘cos it’s part of contemporary culture and it’s extremely effective and direct. Punk music, although I’m a big fan, has lost some of its contemporary relevance.”


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Amosse said on the 14th Jul, 2012

Probably for BDO. Hopefully it's more of their Death Crew 77 stuff.

mr flauge

mr flauge said on the 14th Jul, 2012

sounds like BDO...
very lame


SANDSHREW said on the 15th Jul, 2012



itmo said on the 15th Jul, 2012

new track is shit hot, hope they bring their guns


jamwildway said on the 16th Jul, 2012

finally an act worthy of the boiler room


Morecowbell said on the 16th Jul, 2012

That Church of Noise track has to be one of the worst I've ever heard. I'd rather have a table knife inserted into my eardrum than that screamo, pseudo-dance rubbish.