French house hero I:Cube is coming our way

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The French know house music, and one of the country’s most distinguished talents is Nicholas Chaix, who you would know as I:Cube. The producer has been turning out celebrated records ever since he pricked up ears with his remix of Daft Punk’s Around The World in 1996. He’s also a DJ with a finely-tuned ear for the dancefloor, and he’ll be here for a couple of weekends to welcome Spring. Kicking off the tour at Melbourne’s ever-excellent Animals Dancing, Saturday 1 September sees I:Cube ushering in the welcome return of Future Classic’s Adult Disco parties.

Chaix has five albums to the I:Cube name, the most recent being this year’s ”M” Megamix. As the title suggests, it’s somewhere between an album and a DJ mix, with 24 tracks presented as a cohesive whole. ”M” Megamix is I:Cube’s first LP since 2006 outing Live At The Planetarium. “The dance album has always been a kind of paradox, it’s not at all what dance music’s about – it’s about tracks, they’re put together for one night, in one context, such as a club or party,” Chaix recently mused in an interview with FACT. “You know, I can’t even think of many great dance music albums. So in a way, this format was a way to escape that trap.”

I:Cube tour dates

Friday 31 August – Animals Dancing, Mercat Basement, Melbourne
Saturday 1 September – Adult Disco, Civic Underground, Sydney
Friday 7 September – Barsoma, Brisbane
Saturday 8 September – Sugar, Adelaide

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