Ember streaming live on Fridays inthemix today

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As you might’ve noticed, voting for the inthemix awards kicks off today and we’re marking the occasion with a special awards edition of Fridays inthemix this afternoon with local DJ and producer Ember. He’s one of the names leading our 12-date club tour around the country from July to September, and from 4pm till 6pm he’ll be doing his thing in our office DJ booth.

A regular on the festival circuit and fixture at clubs like Soho and Chinese Laundry, Ember’s specialty is party-geared electro-house, as anyone who has caught one of his sets can attest. He’s locked in for Parklife in Spring, and has done his thing on the stages of Harbourlife (as you can see in this article photo) and Shore Thing, where he warmed up for Calvin Harris.

Tune in from 4pm to get in the mood for the upcoming inthemix awards tour, which will see Ember join forces with Andy Murphy, DJ Kronic and Chardy as they tour Australia in celebration of this year’s awards. It’s a big tour, so head here for the full list of dates.

So if you’ve scrolled this far but still haven’t cast a vote in the inthemix awards, what are you waiting for? Head here now to make your opinions heard on your favourite Australian DJ, Major Festival, Boutique Festival, Club Night and International Artist.



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Mikki Young

Mikki Young said on the 27th Jul, 2012

EMBER is making me stay back at the office just to chill to this set cranking!!!!!!!!!


justkyle88 said on the 27th Jul, 2012

Making me jealous twice:
1- i want to party now but I'm sick.
2- he's drinking beer


randomsoul said on the 27th Jul, 2012

No offense Ember.. but we never thought you played this kinda stuff. Great to hear some funky shit..

Dj Kenny 420

Dj Kenny 420 said on the 27th Jul, 2012

lol now I want a beer, good tunes!


User_274322 said on the 27th Jul, 2012

he made me get up and grab a beer and im not going out for another 3 hours. and fuck yes disclosure!


ember said on the 27th Jul, 2012

that was sick, thanks so much, never really really get a chance to really play what I dig, so was a bit rushed, good to have a few beers and have fun with it on a friday! cheers again ITM