High Contrast: unsung hero of the Olympics

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If you’ve turned on the TV, tuned in to the radio or perhaps noticed one of those Queen Elizabeth memes going around, chances are you would have caught some of the footage from the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. Kicking off on Friday night London time, the four-hour event had no shortage of production ($42 million worth, in fact) and part of the spectacle was the music, which this time around was handled by legendary Brits Underworld.

The long-running group were appointed the Musical Directors of the Opening Ceremony by their Trainspotting collaborator, Artistic Director Danny Boyle. But while Underworld’s role in the Ceremony – including specially-composed tracks And I Will Kiss and Caliban’s Dream – has been big news, the contributions of another dance music name hasn’t been as publically aired.

Drum & bass luminary High Contrast has been revealed as one of the masterminds behind the Ceremony soundtrack. Speaking to Wales Online, High Contrast (real name Lincoln Barrett) told that he mixed and wrote music for the athletes’ parade and 60-second countdown to the ceremony after being recruited by Underworld.

“Underworld wanted me to take a lot of their old tunes and remix them in a contemporary way and make them adaptable to the athletes’ parade and as well as that write new music,” he explained. “It was certainly a high pressure thing to take on and I was really just working flat out on it and in the last couple of weeks I was working from 10 in the morning until 3am and 4am.” Of course, it’s not the first time High Contrast’s hooked up with Underworld – last year they both got together with none other than Tiesto for the track The First Note is Silent.

With a performance from the Arctic Monkeys and a Hey Jude rendition from Beatle Paul McCartney rounding out the Ceremony, London’s impressive efforts have been lauded one of the best Olympic openers ever – but hey, we’ll always have Nikki Webster.