The ‘Fake DJ’ anthem gets a DJ Sneak remix, of course

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If you were starting to feel like the whole ‘fake DJ’ debate was starting to wear thin, U.S. outlet Magnetic Magazine reports that it’s not going away just yet. The magazine was sent an apparently anonymous email titled ‘Stop Fake DJs’, which included two Soundcloud links for a new track titled, you guessed it, Fake DJ, by a producer who goes by the name of Camoflaug3. The first is the big-room-geared original, while the second is a remix allegedly by none other than house music’s self-appointed gatekeeper DJ Sneak (he’s yet to advertise it).

The track features a voice intoning about how selectors used to command two turntables and a mixer, but now anyone with a laptop can call themselves a DJ. “Not with wave forms, not with sync buttons, not with the latest mash-ups or gimmicks, not with the latest programs – you’ve got to build the groove,” the voice tells us. It’s not particularly poetic, but it certainly sounds like a whole barrage of DJ Sneak tweets rolled into a lyrics sheet. Later, there’s a rattling off of the “innovators and architects”, including Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Derrick Carter, Danny Tengalia and DJ Sneak. It’s anyone’s guess who Camoflaug3 is. So, a future floor-filler, or eight awkward minutes of sour grapes?

Fake DJ – Original Mix

Fake DJ – DJ Sneak remix


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kane2188 said on the 1st Aug, 2012

decent tune i quite like it..


Bombalia said on the 1st Aug, 2012

Yawn. I smell yet ANOTHER ploy to garner attention. F**k off sneak. Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.


jamwildway said on the 1st Aug, 2012

Sneak is yesterday's hero, no notable release since "Fix My Sink"


Mjb86 said on the 1st Aug, 2012

Average lyrics...

Sneak seems too be wasting too much energy on hating... Hate in sufficient levels and then move on, do your own thing and stop caring what the masses are doing..

There will always be an underground.


ticketsplease said on the 1st Aug, 2012

I know what he's sayin'


Chillin said on the 1st Aug, 2012

Can't wait to play this song off my laptop with Ableton


TimmyB01 said on the 1st Aug, 2012

This is definitely sour grapes. Electronic music has always been about the future and innovation, why be stuck in the past. Technology has made things easier in every industry, not just DJing. If you don't like seeing DJs with laptops don't go to these types of gigs. At festivals the educated crowd will appreciate a dj that uses vinyl so thats all that should matter, besides these people who complain about laptops will also complain about dance music going mainstream. Stick to the underground where vinyl is still respected and prevalent.
To cap it off a quote from Andy C from the July Mixmag "People can get a bit too caught up with all that 'back in the day' business..." i think that says enough


technoterrorist said on the 1st Aug, 2012

The Original sounds like exactly the sort of thing that would get played every set on the Mainstage @ EDC. Ironic much?


Digitalgrub said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

For a genre that used to be to all be about 'future music' and not worrying about what others think or sticking to convention, that track is sounding very much like a grumpy old man - 'back in my day...'


kingpin said on the 3rd Aug, 2012

It's really funny to see people bagging out Sneak. I just came back from Ibiza and Sneak is held in such high regard that clearly the ones who think he is off the mark with his comments clearly lack education in true house music. Mainstream dance music and the sets played by certain deejays lacks substance and the reality is it is consuming the masses. To think that deejays such as Calvin Harris and David Guetta headlined Shore Thing highlight this trend. However, there is a positive. A new underground dance scene is flourishing especially in Ibiza and it's great to be around true dance music lovers.
By the way. Great track. The Fake Dj's should maybe drop it in their next set.


kingpin said on the 3rd Aug, 2012

Furthermore to my comment. Someone posted something about people like DJ Sneak and his followers being stuck in the past and that dance music is about future and innovation. That doesn't give producers and deejays the right to make and play cheap and cheesy dance music. In addition, DJ Sneak is set so this idea that was communicated in the article above that implies sour grapes is way off the mark. What does he have to be sour about? He isn't a sell out.


kevinth said on the 9th Aug, 2012

You guys are crazy!! Most of you are probably to young and ignorant to know any of guys he listed from 5.26-6.07. If you don't then you ass is a fake dj! Keep playing you Skillex & Pauly D mp3s


mlirosi said on the 9th Aug, 2012

this dj does raise a good point for yesterdays article, josh wink - above the clouds could be up there in all time albums


Wowk said on the 14th Aug, 2012

I really like the instrumental parts of Sneak's remix, but that vocal is terrible.


4trak said on the 24th Jan, 2013

And it's released on MP3...hmm!