Full line-up for Paul Oakenfold’s Sydney show

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If you’re locked in for the all-nighter with Perfecto boss Paul Oakenfold this Spring, you’ll be happy to hear he’s bringing a solid supporting cast along for the party. Alongside the headliner, who’s bringing his ‘Four Seasons’ tour concept to the stage, there’s high-flying trance gun MaRLo, production team Binary Finary and familiar faces VLN, Thomas Knight, Nick Arbor and DJ Ange. Also locked in is a room curated by Future Entertainment’s techno brand The Likes Of You, featuring a local line-up led by Matt Cahill and T-Boy.

Curious what to expect? Oakey recently took a trip back to the BBC Radio 1 studio to helm his first Essential Mix in five years. Despite the long break, he was the second name ever to record an Essential Mix back in 1993 and was the show’s resident DJ in 1999. The Goa set that he created for the show in 1994 is described by Pete Tong as “perhaps the most famous Essential Mix of them all”, capturing a moment in time. Oakey’s 2012 session is titled ‘Fluorescence’, inspired by the sound of his offshoot label Perfecto Fluoro.

“I wanted to make something really special for you guys – to take you on a real journey – and this mix is it,” Oakey writes. “It’s been a few months work to put it together and it’s packed with not only great melodic music but also samples from film, radio, speech and other audio sources. I hope you are going to like it and enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.” The tracklist includes a string of familiar names and lesser-known talents, with Melbourne’s own Ahmet Atasever represented. Have a listen below.



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dannylion said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

no one cares now that Ferry is coming


james223 said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

If this and full on ferry was merged would be ideal.


ether1988 said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

Is that lineup a joke?


DJGREMMIS said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

Wow some of his other shows have had epic lineups, bar marlo this is suck a weak lineup considering this is replacing godskitchen.


Chemo said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

So, as expected, just the usual local crap. Just hope that Oakenfod himself does a bit longer than the usual 2 hour mini-set, otherwise it'll be a waste of money :-(


josh_goods said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

@ dannylion, oakenfold is huge... i haven't seen him yet myself, but I've seen Ferry 5 times, Shogun is a production gimmick and Zoo Brazil doesn't come close to trance.

@ Chemo, f**k you, these guys need your support. As I said, Oaky is huge, and I see it as a) an honour that he would let these guys warm up for him and b) a good chance to support our local talent. I don't love them either but I'm an up and comer myself, and we all need your support. Your the reason local DJ's aren't making it... in Europe, every dj and their dog gets all the support they could ask for, but here we're all far too cool. I really hope you don't come to either event.


jamwildway said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

Oaky never fails to deliver


ezy1000 said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

josh_goods stop being so butthurt. the local line up stinks. if you want to get recognition, start producing to get your name out there. thomas knight and nick arbor are the guys behind genesis and so put themselves on every event. they are actually not good at dj'ing. arbor is a hardstyle dj ffs. agree with the others: this event would be a lot better if it had support from other internationals, perhaps lesser known artists from oakenfold's own label.


josh_goods said on the 3rd Aug, 2012

yes i agree but you have to live with it... i 'butthurt' (lol) those who say shit with nothing to offer but a negative comment. I'm not the biggest fan of them either, but in Europe its really similar (randoms playing before big names), and I shouldn't have to produce to be recognised as a DJ (maybe an artist*, but that will come in time)

Your right, it was a little butthurty (lol again), but come on, comments like that aren't helping anyone. Only trying to open your eyes to the position we find ourselves in.


james223 said on the 11th Aug, 2012

Since this has replaced GK you'd expect at least 2 Internationals on the lineup. Hopefully Oakenfold gets a 3-4 hr set.