Harbourlife returns in 2012 with 'house music all day long'

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The Sydney party with the most spectacular outlook in town, Harbourlife is set to return to Mrs Macquarie’s Point – facing the Opera House, city skyline and Botanic Gardens – on the first day of summer. That’s right, the date for your diaries is Saturday 1 December. The line-up is coming on the morning of Thursday 16 August, and we know this year sees Harbourlife go back to its musical roots. We spoke exclusively to Fuzzy’s John Wall to get the inside word.

After taking 2011 off, what are you most looking forward to for the return of Harbourlife?
Obviously just being at a party in that location is a huge treat (yes, even if I’m working!), but also given the number of Harbourlife regulars who’ve been asking when it’s on again, I’m really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces on the dancefloor there.

The really big thing is that while I love multi-stage festivals with a million things going on, it’s become increasingly rare to be able go to an out and out party with one dancefloor where everyone’s united and no-one’s looking at the set times to see if they should be somewhere else! You can let yourself get caught up and get deeper into the music when you know you’re in the only place you could want to be. That’s the thing about Harbourlife: It’s not a festival, it’s a party. Big difference.

The location and size of the event is such an essential part of what makes it stand out. What are the plans for the setting in 2012? Will it be Harbourlife as we’ve come to know it?
Yes, it’ll very much be the Harbourlife lots of people know and love – the size, location and layout isn’t changing. The music policy this year should really please a lot of Harbourlife past-partiers too – see next question!

At this stage, can you give any hints about the musical direction or vibe you’re going for in 2012?
We’re definitely taking Harbourlife back to its musical roots: it will be house music all day long. With the renaissance of quality house and deep house music over the last couple of years (and no, I’m definitely not talking commercial ‘EDM’ here!), there’s a wealth of music that’s perfectly suited to a not-so-huge outdoor party in such a feel-good location. We’ll have a few new school artists and one or two old school artists, and they link together really well. I think it will bring together the best aspects of ‘old’ Harbourlife but also be fresh and relevant for people who’ve never been before.


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