Listen: Skrillex and Boys Noize's project Dog Blood drops first EP

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Last week, we posted a mysterious teaser for a track attributed to the previously unheard of “Dog Blood”. While the 1:43 video came with little information about who or what Dog Blood is, with both Boys Noize and Skrillex linking to the teaser on Facebook – and the track set to be released on August 13 through Boysnoize Records and OWSLA – it didn’t take long to put two and two together and figure that Dog Blood must be a new collaboration between tastemakers Alex Ridha and Sonny Moore.

Today, August 13 arrived and Dog Blood’s debut EP dropped. Up for sale on Beatport, the Middle Finger EP is being released through Boysnoize Records – no mention of Skrillex’s label OWSLA right now. The EP is made up of a full length version of last week’s teaser Next Order as well as title track Middle Finger, and both have been slapped with a techno label (guess Beatport’s yet to add “MIDDLE FINGER ACID TERROR” to its list of fast-rising genres).

We’re still waiting for either Boys Noize or Skrillex to definitively confirm that Dog Blood is a collaboration between the pair, but at present there’s nothing to suggest otherwise. At any rate, we can definitely hear a bit of them both in Middle Finger and Next Order. Agree?


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SeanFromSydney said on the 13th Aug, 2012

would it not suit them (and the sales of the ep) best to just let everyone assume its Alex and Sonny whether it is or not?


cheechvda said on the 13th Aug, 2012

Alex has the Snoop Dogg status of dance music. No matter who he collaborates with, his status and respect level wont drop.


methodandsound said on the 13th Aug, 2012

Awesome stuff. Loving the subtle ride rings in 'Middle Finger'. Solid peak time craziness.


m_xt said on the 13th Aug, 2012

Certainly doesn't sound like anything new.


Heist9000 said on the 13th Aug, 2012



Wowk said on the 14th Aug, 2012

I've heard a lot worse


Mindfull-1 said on the 21st Aug, 2012

First there was a story about this maybe happening, now there is this story, then soon there will be a story 'confirming' that dog blood is them.

I suppose your demographic is dumb as shit, so good work!!!