"Total bullsh*t" called on David Guetta fake DJ accusations

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UPDATE: Tomorrowland have responded to the accusations, explaining: “To be clear on this, David Guetta has grown together with the festival since the very beginning, and every year he has amazed the crowd with an even bigger live DJ mix and performance than the last. During the years, Tomorrowland – together with the artist – has developed an unseen high quality show. The massive fireworks display that only occurs in the very last minutes of the set need weeks of programming, so as to get everything perfectly synced in order to create an experience never seen before.”

After the respective Peter Hook, Chase & Status and Steve Angello teacup-storms, an official anthem (complete with DJ Sneak remix) and even an ITM-penned brief history, we’re all pretty well-versed in the makings of a ‘fake DJ’ ruckus. So with the ‘exposé video/photo followed by comment-outrage and the DJ’s own defence’ formula down pat, regular subject of internet indignation David Guetta is back in the spotlight.

Keyboard warriors have pointed the fake-DJ-finger (again) at Guetta after a video surfaced of the Frenchman’s performance at Belgium mega-festival Tomorrowland. A shot in the below video (at about the 13:10 mark) allegedly shows Guetta’s mixer with all four volume faders down, while music continues to play out.

While social media channels did their thing, Sander Landsaat – representative to the likes of Guetta offsider Nicky Romero and Marco V – has responded on a story from Mixmag. “This is total bullshit,” Landsaat’s response begins. “David played every track and mixed them on the spot LIVE! Why would I say this? I was in the DJ booth with him. [I’m] saying this just to illustrate that I was witness.

“The reason why all faders were down as claimed is because there was a power outage and a moment of silence for a good 10 mins if I remember correctly, could have even been longer. If this happens and the power comes back on you don’t want the music to start playing again where it left off or at a later point in the track abruptly, because that would also create ammo for all those critics and negative people out there. This is a question of editing out the moment of silence out of the video footage, nothing else.”

While Landsaat’s got plenty to say (read the full retort in Mixmag’s comments section), Guetta himself is yet to respond to the mini-furor. And, let’s face it, he probably won’t bother. Our man at Tomorrowland had this to say about the headliner’s set: “David Guetta is the main drawcard at the mainstage tonight, and love him or hate him, it’s like he was born to play Tomorrowland amphitheatre at its bubbling peak. Anyone who watched last year’s ‘after-movie’ will certainly remember the moment where he stages his own giddy version of the ‘Mexican Wave’, and tonight he brings a similar amount of beaming, wide-smiles and energy, and it’s clear the crowd have just a little bit of energy left to draw on for the last few hours of the festival.” Read the full epic review right here.



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camlv said on the 14th Aug, 2012

More importantly boobs at 12:03!!!


jessbingham said on the 14th Aug, 2012

yeah that was what made everyone think he was fake.shitcunts.

mister a

mister a said on the 14th Aug, 2012

can't believe I just sat through 13mins of that music - BUT...

why is he doing the fist pumps if there was indeed a sound outage?!?!

/sherlock holmes


djherckass said on the 14th Aug, 2012

seeing that many people going off to such fucking disgustingly shit music suddenly makes his fake djing seem redundant. Sad sad state of affairs.

Cathy Guetta

Cathy Guetta said on the 14th Aug, 2012

You want a fake DJ? Go talk to Carl Cox - That guy has been faking it for decades. 3-Deck Wizard? I think not. My Husband is the real deal.

Matthew de Groot

Matthew de Groot said on the 14th Aug, 2012

More importantly, boobies at 12:03 and 12:36


methodandsound said on the 14th Aug, 2012

Who really cares anyway - we all know it's well-loved productions that get the big gigs these days as opposed to DJing skills (with the exception of turntablist DJs maybe etc) so IMO it doesn't really matter what the person is up to on stage. As long as the 'DJ' creates energy in the crowd with the music selection and keeps things technically solid then all good...


Stocko12 said on the 14th Aug, 2012

that is a great spot there camlv

Dr Ranga

Dr Ranga said on the 14th Aug, 2012

@camlv...did you watch all of that video??? If so, I find that so disgusting that it negates any possible kudos I may have given for finding el boobies.

On the other hand, if you knew there were boobs in there somewhere and you sat through that video to find them for us, then you sir are a gentleman and a scholar and I owe you a drink.


Shayno89 said on the 14th Aug, 2012

Where's the bit on Chase & Status?


thesuntoucher said on the 14th Aug, 2012

What's all this about Chase and Status?


BMoney said on the 14th Aug, 2012

maaan, I went to change the youtube quality of that clip to James Zabiela, but it didn't work :(

Dr Bones

Dr Bones said on the 14th Aug, 2012

Watched on mute for boobies. Was not disappoint.


blky said on the 15th Aug, 2012

the video is gone :( anyone know where to find another version/host?


khas said on the 16th Aug, 2012

Yeah I'm late to this party and want to see boobage, fuck the actual story (no offence Katie I like your writing)


katiecunningham said on the 16th Aug, 2012

None taken, boobs are pretty cool.


Anja said on the 16th Aug, 2012

The video has been taken down, surprise surprise.
He's a steaming heap of shite!


jamwildway said on the 16th Aug, 2012

Bang!!! Dave wins again


camlv said on the 16th Aug, 2012

Sorry to disappoint Dr Ranga, someone who commented on youtube did all the detective work for me... just making sure that they didn't get missed on ITM

Dr Bones

Dr Bones said on the 16th Aug, 2012

They should make a new rule of the internet or something. "If there's boobs in it, they will be found", or, "If there's boobs in it, the internet will find it before it can get taken down."


blky said on the 19th Aug, 2012


there we go, the same video is back


DHindahouse said on the 20th Aug, 2012

Guetta sucks hairy donkey balls.


Menace said on the 10th Oct, 2012

He is a producer not a DJ, he shouldn't even try to dj in my opinion. Also i think fake mixing should be shunned and made taboo by everyone in the scene. I'm sick of seeing idiots using ableton or traktor and thinking they are gods, some of these guys can't even beat mix. They are turning what took years to perfect for some in to a trivial thing in th eyes of the majority of masses that don't know the difference, and probably don't care. These kind of DJ's shouldn't be getting gigs in clubs to start with, come on promoters have some morals!


Mickstah said on the 10th Oct, 2012

My mind instantly recalls when he was on Sunrise a few years back.

Unfortunately I can't find the video, but the thread still exists on the topic: http://www.inthemix.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=269865


ArmySniperDan said on the 4th Nov, 2012

Guetta is nothing but a Crappy Pop DJ making Crappier remixes of alreday Crappy Top 40 Garbage, and Cathy, Carl Cox is 10 times better than your husband, at least he knows what Real EDM is


Suspekt said on the 14th Jun, 2013

Hahah whatevs... "why is he doing the fist pumps if there was indeed a sound outage?!?!" got it in one...