Feed Me talks up his 'With Teeth' live show

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If you’ve had a look at our New Year’s Tour Wish-List, you might have seen the snaps of Feed Me’s new ‘With Teeth’ stage show: a toothy, impressive visual set up to accompany the producer’s wide-ranging spectrum of sounds. With Jon Gooch’s new guise (the former being Spor) currently doing the rounds on stages in North America, he’s sat down to explain the thought process behind joining the ranks of big budget live shows.

“Feed Me has always been a visual as well as a musical journey for me, and extending this as far as possible was and still is the main objective,” Gooch told Music Radar. “I was sketching and designing the Teeth rig right from the very beginning, not knowing whether it would ever be possible to build. The motivation comes from trying to fully realise your vision. Anyone who’s doing this for other reasons is selling themselves and their audience short. I was only willing to do it if it was genuinely without compromise.”

And as for his take on the undying button pushing debate? “I’ve been mixing my whole life, from playing records and cutting vinyl dubplates with wages from my old job, to CDs, USB, SD card, Ableton. I’m not that attached to any of it – it’s the flow and structure of the set that’s important, not the methods. That said, there’s a line between editing and structuring your performance and laziness. The trick is to make sure you believe in what you’re doing.”

“It was important to me with the Teeth for me to be busy – it’s 100% full sync. If I don’t bring the next track or layers in, it stops. If I stop or slow down the track, all the lights on stage stop or slow down together with it. I’ve hit the wrong button before and stopped the whole thing.” Gooch may be keeping tight-lipped about any plans to visit the Southern Hemisphere before 2012 is through, but we won’t be taking him off our list of must-see live shows anytime soon.


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