Dave Seaman heading back to our clubs

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With plenty of match practice in Australia, UK DJ/producer Dave Seaman is heading back here to help us farewell winter. In 2012, Seaman keeps up a busy tour schedule, studio sessions and the running of his independent label Audio Therapy. He previews new music on his Radio Therapy show, while also turning out his own productions like the recent Attack Of The Abalones/Wrong Side Business double A-side. This upcoming DJ tour will see the man do Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, exhibiting the set-building smarts we’ve seen on his Renaissance and Global Underground compilations.

Popof, Timo Mass, Pig & Dan, Tiger Stripes and Robert Babicz have all contributed tracks and remixes recently to Seaman’s Audio Therapy flagship. However, the label boss chooses wisely. “There’s way too much derivative music saturating the scene right now,” Seaman put it to inthemix in 2011 ahead of his last tour. “A lot of unoriginal, uninspired, disposable rubbish, to be frank. Of course, there is still great music out there but it’s getting harder and harder to find it amongst the chaff. The great acid house dream of anybody being able to make music is turning into its own nightmare. The democratisation of production hasn’t necessarily been a good thing.”

For a snapshot of the music that is pricking up his ears, take a listen to the July Radio Therapy Broadcast below. Featuring originals and remixes from Maya Jane Coles, Stephan Bodzin, D-Nox & Beckers and Australia’s own Rodskeez, he’s still got plenty of love for various shades of four-four.

Dave Seaman tour dates:

Fri Aug 31 – Fluidlife Lunar @ Onesixone, Melbourne
Sat Sept 1 – Musik Matters @ Goldfish, Sydney
Sun Sep 2 – Lemon & Lime @ Sky Room, Brisbane



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GrEnNo said on the 21st Aug, 2012

sky room in brisbane is pulling some big gigs. Jody on the weekend was all types of awesome!

mighty toy

mighty toy said on the 21st Aug, 2012

John '00' Fleming on the same night in Sydney


Fluidlife said on the 22nd Aug, 2012

Very much looking forward to have Dave smash our Lunar 1st Bday at OneSixOne next week!


Mindfull-1 said on the 22nd Aug, 2012


I used to love Dave. Now he sucks. Waste of time and money bringing him out imo.


jamwildway said on the 22nd Aug, 2012

His name is Seaman...lol