Darkbeat Recordings launches

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With three years of work behind it, the Darkbeat Recordings label has launched. Regarded as one of Melbourne’s leading underground crews, the imprint will see the Darkbeat name go wider. Darkbeat Recordings will kick off with a mix compilation CD, with plans to include unsigned music in the label operations in the near future.

“When we started Darkbeat over nine years ago, we did so because we wanted to share our passion and love of quality underground music with other like minded Melburnians,” says Darkbeat founder Daniel Banko. “We just wanted to stay honest to ourselves and not pander to commercially mainstream audiences. At the heart of this project we will be focussing on delivering the freshest and most cutting edge sounds which we are renowned for, however never straying too far from that old school party vibe that punters can expect at any Darkbeat party. It’s time to remind the world again that Australia still is a major player in the underground scene.” Stay tuned for more details – there’s sure to be plenty to come in the remainder of 2012.



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Walter_Juan said on the 23rd Aug, 2012

Looking forward to what they have lined up.


SANDSLASH said on the 23rd Aug, 2012

Nothing beats an egg cracked inside a Mausoleum.


ABitPatchy said on the 23rd Aug, 2012

Chardy Remix EP please. Thanks.


bulldozer said on the 23rd Aug, 2012

awesome! well done guys!

drew k

drew k said on the 23rd Aug, 2012

cant wait to see what phil has in store. oh yea!


slatts69 said on the 23rd Aug, 2012

Boom! Can't wait for the first release!


J0rdz said on the 23rd Aug, 2012

Big things on the horizon! Mad props to Dan and the rest of the krew <3


ABitPatchy said on the 23rd Aug, 2012

But srsly, YES. A thousand times yes.


pr0gress said on the 28th Aug, 2012

Definately keen to see what you lads release.