Borgore & Miley Cyrus out to ruin dubstep together

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Between tweeting gems like “is having an orgy counts as speed dating?” and driving his Cream Machine (bumper sticker: “stops for whores”) around US festival stages, Israeli producer Borgore makes no secret of his proclivity for all things gross-out. But, as his self-appointed title of “the man who ruined dubstep” goes, at the top of his to-defile list is bass. So far, the mission has seen Borgore release some bottom-of-the-barrel video clips (see: Nympho), remix the likes of LMFAO and drop his two part Borgore Ruined Dubstep EPs.

Now, he of the shock tactic has added another feather to his cap: a collaboration with none other than Miley Cyrus. Yesterday, Borgore announced he’d hooked up with the former Disney starlet for the track Decisions, which if game you can listen to below. However, we might not have noticed Miley’s presence if the pair hadn’t both shouted about it on Twitter – her role in the track has been relegated to barely-audible backing vocals, rather than the front-and-centre starring role you’d expect of a pop hook-up. “Yer so I guess I can say now that miley cyrus is the backing female voice in decisions,” Borgore clarified on his Twitter.

At any rate, with Decisions following his standard brostep breakdown/out-of-tune vocals/filthy lyric formula, you’ve got to hand it to the man: Borgore’s really putting his all into the defiling dubstep pledge.

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