Ferry Corsten talks up his Full On Ferry tour with inthemix

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For Ferry Corsten fans, last month’s announcement that the Dutch maestro was bringing his Full On Ferry concept to Australia was a long time coming. With Ferry first hosting the Full On show back in 2007, we’d had a good five years of enviously watching the event from afar. Now, the long-awaited tour is less than a month out from kicking off – so when ITM got Ferry on the phone last night, we were sure to probe for more details.

“Full on Ferry is a concept that started in 2007, for three years in a row here at the Ahoy, in Rotterdam,” Ferry explained. “Since last year, we turned it into a club version. I still have guest DJs and still do back-to-back sets, but I will have one of my guests play before me, then I’ll come on stage and we’ll play back-to-back for half an hour to 45 minutes. Then I’ll play my own set, and then my second guest will come onstage and we’ll play back-to-back for 45 minutes, and my second guest will close out the night.” Got all that?

“It’s basically one big happy family behind the decks, which is fun,” he went on. “If the first guest feels like coming back in the middle of our back-to-back set later then he’s more than welcome, and it’s happened a few times. Then there’s three guys there playing back-to-back-to-back! It goes from house to trance, because that’s the line-up. I tried to look for a diverse line-up. That’s why I’ve got Shogun and Zoo Brazil, because it’s a good mix between house and trance and I think they work really well.

“I don’t expect them to adjust their sound to the night, because I go back to back with both of them it’s more my mission or my challenge to make that transition with them. I will have to try my best to play a little more house-y, but my house DJ guest will probably play the biggest tunes in his collection. It’s pretty full on for a house sound. From there, I’ll pick it up and bring it all the way up to the trance sound.” Yep, sounds pretty epic.


Friday September 21 – Palace Theatre, Melbourne (Full On show)
Saturday September 22 – The Hi Fi, Sydney (Full On show)
Friday September 28 – Family Nightclub, Brisbane (Full On show)
Saturday September 29 – Fresh presents Ferry Corsten, Hobart (WKND show)
Sunday September 30 – Ferry Corsten & Shogun at Villa, Perth (WKND show)
Monday October 1 – HQ Complex, Adelaide (Full On show)


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