So, Diddy’s making a movie about Ibiza

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“The vision for Last Train To Paris started from hearing different sounds in Ibiza at DC-10,” U.S. rap mogul P. Diddy told the NY Mag back in 2010 when explaining his forthcoming album. “There’s a lot of different dance clubs in Ibiza, but DC-10 – the way that the drums are syncopated, the percussion – it’s totally different from any club in the world. It opened my mind up to the fact that there’s something more than the four-on-the-floor. Being a producer and a connoisseur of hip-hop production, that’s the thing that motivated me.” This was of course the infamous interview where Diddy also called himself “actually a legend in Ibiza,” before adding, “I definitely experienced Ibiza to its fullest”. Ecstasy sure is an eye-opener.

As chucklesome as his Ibiza prophesising might be, at least the man is tapping into some interesting avenues. He recently recruited Israeli tech-house whiz Guy Gerber to lend a hand to his album, after calling Gerber to tell him he’s a fan. “So I’m in New York and I go to his $1 million studio where everyone like Biggie and even Michael Jackson worked, and the console belonged to Whitney Houston,” Gerber recently told Magnetic Mag. The results of that stint in the studio should be out before the end of the year.

Now comes the trailer for Ibiza, a movie sponsored by Ciroc vodka that’s presumably all about Diddy’s love affair with the island. “I started coming to Ibiza like 15 years ago,” intones Diddy in the trailer. “It changed my life.” From there, it’s all lingering shots of the Mediterranean, the leading man in slow-mo, and even a cameo from Amnesia mainstay Marco Carola, one of Diddy’s favourite DJs. It’s all set to the soundtrack of Jay-Z’s Run This Town, because, of course it is.